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How To See Your High Score On Subway Surfers


Is it the case that everyone else in your circle of friends that plays Subway Surfers has higher scores than you do? In order to get the upper hand and change the dynamic of the game in your favour, you need make the stakes bigger. If you are familiar with certain useful ideas and tactics, you will be able to surpass their scores in no time at all.

How To See Your High Score On Subway Surfers

Increase the value of your multiplier. Increasing your multiplier is the most effective strategy for achieving a better score in a shorter amount of time. Your multiplier will start off at 1x when you start playing for the first time. You will get a level and your multiplier will forever rise by one, all the way up to x30 if you can complete a series of tasks and complete them successfully. If you have a multiplier that is at its maximum, this will result in your score being multiplied by 30 times what it would usually be.

  • In each mission, you will need to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as gathering a particular amount of coins, leaping a certain number of times, acquiring a certain set of power-ups, and so on. Tap the Tasks icon at the very top of the main menu to see all of the active missions you are currently working on.
  • If there is a task that you just are unable to complete for whatever reason, you have the option to skip it in the store for a set quantity of coins, which varies according on the level that you are now on. Even if it is the very last assignment that you need to complete in order to level up, your multiplier will continue to increase as it normally would.

How To See Your High Score On Subway Surfers

Increase the potency of your power-ups. The most useful pickups for raising your score are the Coin Magnet, the Jet Pack, and the 2X Multiplier in that order. The Coin Magnet will grab every coin you run by, regardless of whether or not it is in your current lane. You will be propelled into the air by the Jet Pack, allowing you to safely gather money from a vantage point above the obstacle course. Your current multiplier may reach a maximum of 60 times its normal value after applying the 2X multiplier.

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  • You may get more powerful versions of these powerups by completing runs and spending the money you earn. When you use these powerups, the quantity of coins you get is directly proportional to their level of effectiveness. If you can make them more powerful, you will receive a larger amount of coins.
  • First, you need upgrade your Coin Magnet and your Jet Pack. This will be of great assistance to you early on in the game as you earn cash to unlock further improvements and finish quests. Start upgrading the 2X Multiplier powerup when your current multiplier is getting near to 30x. Your overall performance will begin to improve noticeably as a result of this.

Stock up on hoverboards. These may be obtained by exchanging money for them, or by winning them in prize boxes. Hoverboards only last for thirty seconds, but their real strength lies in the fact that they can absorb impacts on your behalf. While riding a hoverboard, if you collide with an item, your run will not be terminated. You won’t be flying this time, but running on foot to continue your streak and rack up more points. In the event that you are unable to avoid colliding with anything, you should always have a big supply of hoverboards on hand as a backup plan.

  • You may gain points in primarily two ways: the other is by moving ahead in the game. Using hoverboards guarantees that you will continue to progress and that your score will continue to rise.
  • Have at least 600 to over 900 boards. Employ them in situations in which your character is already moving at a pace that is difficult for you to control.

Acquire various keys. When you run across an obstacle along your journey, you will need to collect keys in order to continue your journey. You may find keys by completing weekly objectives, rummaging through mystery boxes, or sprinting through the obstacle course. You may also spend real-world cash to get keys. Maintaining a successful run for an extended period of time may be facilitated by maintaining a sufficient supply of keys.

  • You should only use the keys when you strike anything that isn’t a board or when your score is above 500,000.

Grab a lot of coins. It may seem apparent, but it can’t be emphasised enough. For a very high score, you need to be gathering as many coins as possible. This involves employing your powerups to their fullest potential, completing precise runs and lane switches, and not missing the timing of your leaps.

Repeated work is required. Because each run is unique, it is not possible to just remember the level and do it in the same manner over and over again in order to get the highest possible score. You will need to put in the effort to practise in order to develop the ability to anticipate trends and respond appropriately. When you initially begin, you probably won’t earn a very high score, but after a few weeks of practise, you’ll start to notice it getting closer and closer to that coveted one million point total. Keep at it!