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Biden Campaign Launches ‘Fortnite’ Custom Map, Complete With ‘No Malarkey’ Train Station


With just days to go before Election Day in the U.S., the Biden-Harris campaign kicked off a new get-out-the-vote effort in “Fortnite,” Epic Games’ popular battle royale game.

The former Democratic VP’s presidential campaign late Friday launched “Build Back Better With Biden,” a custom map in “Fortnite” located in “Reboot City” that encourages players to vote and lets them engage in challenges tied to Biden-Harris platform themes. After arriving at the No Malarkey Station, visitors can play up to six mini-games centered on such topics as clean energy, eco-cleanup, 5G broadband buildout and research.



“Our computerized program is worked around how individuals invest energy, and the best ways contact them in those spots,” Christian Tom, the Biden lobby’s head of advanced associations said in an announcement to The Verge. “We see intuitive, computerized first encounters like gaming as an occasion to carry our mission to another spot and stage.”

The custom Fortnite map is a “meaningful, receptive, and fun approach to reach and activate citizens,” Tom added. Signs around the guide urge players to visit, and players can message “Fortnite” to 30330 to figure out how to early-cast a ballot face to face, drop off a voting form, or decision on Election Day.

It’s not the Biden lobby’s initial attack into the computer game domain. Not long ago, the mission launched a virtual Biden field office for citizens to visit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, “a whole island on the stage where allies can additionally interface with the mission.” And in September, the mission presented Biden-Harris yard signs in ACNH.

In the Fortnite map, after players show up through train at No Malarkey Station, there are six provokes identified with the Biden-Harris plan for players to finish,

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