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The Outlast Trials – How to Get Rigs


The Outlast Trials can be quite difficult, particularly if your group of friends isn’t fully formed. More foes will be released from trial the longer you stay in it. Special goods that can be modified or bought are called rigs. They will assist you and your allies overcome the obstacles and survive longer. More will be needed for your survival than what you can find in trials. You may learn how to unlock Rigs in the Outlast trials by reading this article:

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What Are Rigs?

Installable equipment known as rigs provides players with a little advantage during trials. The Sleep Room, located within Murkoff’s facility, serves as the main terminal where players can outfit themselves in between trials. The Outlast Trials consist of four rigs:

The Outlast Trials - How to Get Rigs

  • X-Ray Rig: Gives the capacity to detect adversaries by looking through walls.
  • Stun Rig:  An electric shock fired by the bullet momentarily stuns and confuses adversaries.
  • Heal Rig: In cooperative games, a gas that releases a healing agent heals players and adjacent allies.
  • Blind Rig: Drops a landmine that, when activated by adversaries, emits a momentary, blinding cloud of smoke.

How to Unlock Rigs

During the first few hours of gameplay, you can unlock Rigs. After completing a few trials, you can easily go to level 2, where you can speak with the engineer Cornelius Noakes. You must go down the hallway to the left of the main chamber of the Murkoff facility in order to get to him.

The Outlast Trials - How to Get Rigs

The floor will display the precise directions in red. Engage with him to view the entire roster of available Rigs in the game and select your favorite. There are four different kinds of rigs available to you: X-Ray, Blind, Heal, and Stun. Before being equipped, each must be unlocked, which will cost you one green voucher.

The Outlast Trials - How to Get Rigs

These are gathered upon trial completion with excellent grades and level advancement. Every Rig can be improved even more by obtaining extra benefits that will intensify their effects. Vouchers are also required for upgrades, and in order to advance to the next tier, you must unlock them in the prescribed order.

How to Use Rigs

Trials can make use of rigs. Although you can’t use them all simultaneously, they will give you a big advantage over opponents. When you open the Terminal, you can equip each one separately in the Loadout menu. As a result, you may wish to modify your choice in light of the trial itself.

The Outlast Trials - How to Get Rigs

This mostly depends on whether you start a match alone or with a group because you can adjust your choices to suit the requirements of your teammates. During a trial, you can use your rig according to your demands. Simply choose and turn it on. But remember that each rig has a cooldown, so you can’t just use it repeatedly during a match.

Unless you discover the Rig Recharger, a useful item that resets the cooldown, you will have to wait. The effectiveness of the Rigs will be further increased by unlocking upgrades. To prepare yourself for more difficult trials, you should concentrate on the ones you utilize the most.


What is a rig recharge in outlast trials?

Similar to antidotes and batteries, rig recharges are used by the player by opening their inventory. During a trial, players with several Rigs can only access one at a time; however, they can switch them out at the main terminal. On PC, The Outlast Trials are accessible through Early Access.

What is the best rig in Outlast?

Your best bet would be to go with a healing rig. With it, you can never go wrong. Select the X-Ray if you want a scavenger/scout play style. Choose stun if you wish to occasionally stun a creature and then run past them.

What is the best grade in The Outlast Trials?

Therefore, getting an A+ in The Outlast Trials is a feat that can only be attained with almost perfect gameplay. To pass the trials, one must be well-prepared and mindful of typical errors that could result in a lower score.

What happens when you reborn in Outlast trials?

After they depart, Program X can be replayed for fresh rewards and perhaps even a second rebirth, which restarts the entire process anew with a new Reagent. Players keep all of the benefits and gear they had before finishing the last trial, along with their Therapy Level.

What does Spider Eye Lamb mean in Outlast Trials?

The’spider, eye, lamb’ code looks to be a trigger word for Murkoff, indicating that our character has turned into a sleeper agent of sorts. As soon as the words are spoken, we lose control and comply with Murkoff’s requests, which compels us to carry out horrible deeds against our choice.