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Bose Headphones: Amazon Has Put Them on Sale!


Whether you are looking for solid headphones and earbuds to gift your loved ones or you want to buy them for yourself, Amazon has made it a bit easier. Because Amazon has put a bunch of Bose headphones and earbuds at sale right now. So, it will be smart to go for an early shopping this year. Big Bose sale is going on right now on one of the world’s best online retailers, Amazon. It has putt 29% off on the Bose audio devices. Moreover, the key feature of this sale is that the Bose QuiteComfort earbuds are down to a record low of $199.

Why you should go for this sale?

You should take benefit of this sale as Bose headphones have quite distinctive features from other headphones. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Their sound quality is crystal-clear.
  • The company’s most recent noise-cancelling headphones have even won it many awards.
  • Well-balanced sound stage.
  • The appearance is quite stunning.
  • Even the cheaper headphone models of Bose come with fine audio quality.

Qualities of Bose Headphones & Earbuds

Apart from knowing the features of Bose headphones, you must know the qualities of Bose QuiteComfort earbuds. If you truly want to block out all the surrounding noises, Bose QuiteComfort earbuds are the best option. These buds shine the ANC department. You can choose from its 11 levels of noise cancellation in its companion app. Among these 11 levels, you can assign 3 levels to onboard control for easy access.

Bose QuiteComfort earbuds block the surrounding noises out better as compared to other true wireless earbuds. You may say that Sony’s WF-1000XM3 comes close to it, but not as perfect as Bose QuiteComfort earbuds are. Their battery life is good at roughly seven hours and the sound quality is good as well. Though these earbuds are the best, its consumers might have some complains about it such as they have limited customizations and touch control options, and they are quite large too (not too heavy though).

Bose Headphone

Other Bose Buds that are on sale on Amazon

A couple of other Bose buds are on sale right now as well, which include the Sport Open earbuds for $179. It won’t be wrong to say that these earbuds are the opposite of Bose QuiteComfort earbuds in many ways. These earbuds have open, over-ear design. This design is supposed to let the outside noise in, in order to make you more aware of what’s going on in your surroundings. They don’t stick directly inside your ear canal. So, the Sport Open earbuds are more comfortable as compared to the Bose QuiteComfort earbuds. You can buy these earbuds for your love ones if they appreciate the qualities that these earbuds have.

What is not included in the sale of Bose headphones and earbuds on Amazon?

You won’t like to know that the new Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones are not on sale. But you’d like to know that their QC 35 II and their gaming-headset equivalent are included in the sale. Though QC 35 II is not on a record sale, still the offer is good and affordable. The QC 35 II is down to $250. It means that you get a decent $50 discount and it won’t be wrong to say that it’s appealing.  Because these Bose headphones are their hallmark headphones. They came out in 2017. Their design is quite comfortable and they also have excellent ANC. The QC 35 II was turned into a gaming headset by the company. They turned it to give you a detachable boom mic and PC controller to use with the cans. This version is also available in the sale to a record low of $279.