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Camila Vtuber Wiki, Face Reveal and Much More


Camila Vtuber

Camila Inpu, known to her fans as Camila VTuber, is a mischievous imp who has become a sensation on Twitch. While many VTubers opt for a cute or fantastical persona, Camila has taken on the role of a small demon who loves to cause chaos and have fun.

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Camila VTuber: The Mischievous Imp of Twitch


  • Meet Camila, an independent imp VTuber who streams regularly on Twitch
  • Pronounced Cuh-Meal-Uh, not Cuh-Mil-A
  • Camila is a unique presence in the VTuber community, with a devilish persona and playful attitude

Who is an Imp?

  • Definition of an imp as a small demon who is more mischievous than harmful
  • Imps are known for their wild and unpredictable behavior
  • Camila embodies the imp persona in her streams, reveling in pranks and jokes

Rules of Camila’s Channel

  • Camila’s channel is strictly 18+
  • English is the only language spoken
  • No hate speech, drama, or fighting allowed
  • Backseating is not allowed unless Camila specifically asks for it
  • Above all, have fun!

Fan Name

  • Camila’s fans are called Cimps known as nod to her imp origins,
  • According to Camila, Cimps are the result of a cat being resurrected by an imp.

One of the most memorable moments in Camila’s streams was when she exclaimed, “Fine, I love piss!” This caused a stir in the VTuber community and led to some controversy, but Camila remained unapologetic. Her fans appreciated her honesty and her willingness to be herself, even if it meant being a little bit shocking.

In the end, Camila is a unique and entertaining presence on Twitch. Her impish charm and devilish antics make her a standout among VTubers, and her fans can’t get enough of her. Whether she’s causing chaos or just chilling out with her viewers, Camila is always a delight to watch.