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Can the Samsung DeX Really Replace a Computer?


Can you remember what it was like when we could only use our phones for calls and text messages? We can barely remember the times when we had to rely on computers to provide us with access to the internet and gaming, amongst other things. Nowadays, Samsung phones and tablets have become so powerful that they can basically do everything a computer does, especially with the Samsung DeX feature, but can this one feature truly replace a PC?

Advantages of Using the Samsung DeX

Everyone knows that tablets are extremely portable, and most will remember to pick up their phones before even reaching for their keys or other necessities. This makes sense as it has the capacity to offer us practically everything we may need and more, especially if we have a Samsung device that offers the Samsung DeX.

When it comes to gaming on the Samsung DeX, there are multiple options. First, we have browser games on platforms such as online casino at Paddy Power Games which is fully optimized for desktop access on Windows and Mac. Just like you would play a table game or slot on a computer, you can do the same on the Samsung DeX with the same vibe as long as you have the right setup. For a phone, you’d probably want to look into a Bluetooth mouse and, depending on which platform you’re looking to access, a keyboard. The Galaxy Tabs have the optional accessory of a book cover keyboard which includes a touchpad.

Samsung DeX also offers access to more practical options, such as allowing you to continue working without lugging about a PC. You can check emails, or browse online for whatever you need. This makes Samsung DeX convenient for professionals on the go, from freelancers to remote workers.

Finally, it’s exceptionally user-friendly as you simply need to press the DeX button in the quick settings menu. So an even more portable laptop is only a press away. Also, Samsung devices have Bixby, their own virtual assistant, so you can even use voice commands to turn on Samsung DeX, which just makes it easier.

Limitations of the Samsung DeX

We spoke about the convenience of having a Samsung smartphone turned into a laptop-like, but that smaller screen can actually limit you more than you think. A tablet would be an option worth considering, broken down in more detail on LinkedIn, but it could still not compare unless you choose to carry a portable monitor, which then can take away from the convenience.

The Samsung DeX also works best with additional accessories, and the cost can quickly add up to extortionate levels when you think of the cost of the initial device too. And in this economy, let’s be honest, it can be hard to justify forking out an additional $349.99 for a book cover keyboard.

Finally, while the high-range Samsung devices are equipped with powerful processors, they are not quite there when compared to those found in computers. This means considerably limited multitasking capabilities and slower performance when running multiple apps at the same time.

So, the answer to whether the Samsung DeX can replace the laptop is yes. And no. If you’re looking to run bulkier programs, you’ll need a PC, if you want to take work with you and can’t or don’t want to carry around an additional device – then this feature is the way to go.

Thus, while the Samsung DeX is incredibly powerful and gives us the most realistic laptop experience for a phone and tablet, a PC is still needed for heavier tasks. Most likely, you will need to have both to ensure you have a well-rounded experience.