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CBD oil against stressful situations


You have probably already heard something about CBD oil, and you wonder if this could help you with your anxiety states. However, you are unsure how effective cannabidiol is and what scientific studies have to report on this alternative remedy.

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Today we try to answer the most critical questions and thus help you whether CBD oil could be something for you against anxiety. We will back up essential information on this area with scientific studies.

Maybe CBD oil is right for you and can help you a bit to alleviate your fears.

What is anxiety?

CBD oil can help you against your anxiety and reduce it. To achieve that, however, you need to know what fear is:

Theoretically, fear is a malfunction in the system.

Theoretically, fear is an essential and natural human instinct that protects us from dangers in everyday life. However, some develop an anxiety disorder, and instinct often occurs in safe areas.

There are different types of fears or states of anxiety. We have listed a few for you:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: This type of fear occurs when you become anxious about general things such as illness and unhappiness.

Symptoms are nervousness, hot flashes, tension headaches, difficulty concentrating.

Claustrophobia and claustrophobia: This fearful state occurs only in certain places and situations or is triggered by them.


Symptoms are palpitations, nausea, outbreaks of sweat.

Social anxiety disorder: With this anxiety disorder, you cannot attend social events because of social phobia.


You can feel dizzy, gag, and have a headache and diarrhea.


Many people also suffer from specific phobias, such as fear of blood. Just the thought of this object or situation stresses you out and scares you. Your brain picks up perceptions through the sensory organs and reports them to the limbic system so that your body develops various symptoms of anxiety.


What do studies say about taking CBD oil for anxiety disorders?


There are various studies on the use of cannabidiol or CBD oil as an anxiolytic. We looked at some studies for you.


According to a study, CBD oil can be used to remedy mental disorders such as anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders and support them. However, according to this study, further trials and tests are needed to confirm this fully.


Another study found that CBD oil is helpful for people with social anxiety disorders to reduce this anxiety. However, according to this study, further experiments are needed to determine how this cannabidiol should be dosed and used.


According to another scientific study, CBD oil can help to support anxiety and stress. Here, further studies and experiments must be made to determine whether and how well cannabidiol can help.


Studies were carried out in Brazil in 2011 that shows that cannabidiol can have anxiolytic or anxiolytic effects on the body. In this study, there were two groups, one given a placebo and the other 400 milligrams of CBD.


Then the groups were swapped, or the placebo has now received CBD and the others, which time a placebo. The cannabidiol reduced the patients’ fears through the limbic and para-limbic systems in the brain.


How long does it take for CBD oil to work stressful situations?


CBD oil works differently for everybody because every person takes the alternative agent differently, and therefore, the effects are also different. Theoretically, CBD oil works relatively quickly.


CBD oil starts to work after just 15 minutes!


The suggestion is to take CBD oil orally, and it goes through the mucous membranes into the bloodstream and starts to work. It is recommended to place the drops under the tongue for even better absorption. Also, it is important to choose certified products in well-known shop as Justbob, as an example.

CBD oil dosages

It generally takes 15 to 60 minutes for the CBD to start working in your body. However, depending on your anxiety, you will notice it less or more. The duration of action can be shortened or lengthened depending on the person.

The quality of the CBD oil also influences the absorption or the effect. One of the best site where to find cbd products is Justbob, an e-commerce that ships all over the Europe.

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