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Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Upgrade Sequence Priority Guide


TH8 is a very prominent and important update for the gamers of the respective community. When you enter the TH8 community for the first time, you can figure out the certain upgrades and structure patterns that has to be followed, and configure the addition of four new defensive towers, upgrades for pre-existing buildings and the addition of Dark Elixir Drill. In this upgrade guide, I will explain which structures you should follow and prioritize for a smooth and fast leveling process.


Laboratory: First and most Critical upgrade

You have to be careful while updating Laboratory as it is the first and most sensitive movement at the moment which is why you have to be prepared. It takes longer than usual to complete your lab upgrades in TH8 than in your defensive upgrades. Usually it takes nearly three to four days to complete your Lab upgrades, which means if you really need your troops to be improved start with your lab and then Laboratories.

Dark Spell Factory: First reward of TH8 which is a game changer

Dark Spell Factory is one of the first item you receive as a reward after your upgrade to TH8, which means from this level the Poison will be used majorly in both Clan wars and farming which will affect almost all defensive troops such that it removes them. To achieve earthquake spell, you need improvisations as soon as possible. Legit, any air defense can be affected by Zap Quake combo (2 Lightning Spells + 1 EQ Spell), such that you can conquer TH8 with dragons only.

Clan Castle vs Army Camps: Utilizing the Extra Space Rewarded Smartly

It is totally justified that some specific amount of people gives priority to Army camps over clan castles which is due the sensitivity of extra space of clan castle. The space is critical. the army camps as compared to Clan castle gives 5 more camp spaces only. Meanwhile the Clan Castle with 5 extra spaces provides additional pros which adds a significant difference. It serves as a defensive structure too, which pretty much sums up the fact the clan castle outperforms army camps.

Drills: Damaging defense and earning Elixir which is crucial for wars

Your drills can be updated to level 3 at TH8, which is indeed a noticeable addition. The Level 3 drills in TH8 are capable to produce 45 DE per 60 minutes, and with double the drills you can obtain more than 1000 Dark Elixir a day for free, that can be used for Dark elixir warrior update and Barbarian king upgrade that are important for wars.

New Defenses: Addition of new towers that can elevate your base

You obtain a few more new defenses when you update to TH8, but do to neglect and ignore them leaving them at level 1. Take them to level 5 i.e. Archer Tower, Wizard Tower, Mortar, Tesla such that it elevates your base’s total strength. The defenses get the biggest boost in DPS at initial levels. Summing up, updating these newly added defenses to level 5 will assist you in defense in wars and the situations where you do not have a shield.

Air Sweepers: one of the most Strongest Defensive

The fact that mass Dragon strikes are majorly destructing at TH8, Air Sweeper is a very highly vital defensive.  At TH8, there is only one Air sweeper and It has a very large impact against dragons than Archer towers because of its ability to slow down the incredible sluggish dragons, giving more damage to air defenses.

Archer Tower :The safeguard which protects sensitive locations while being disappeared

Unlike teslas, archer towers take up 3 by 3 tile spaces but have a tile range of 10. You have a total of 5 Archer Towers at TH8, all of which have a combined effect against aerial and ground strikes. Moreover, due to the vast spaces they occupy, they are normally placed outside of a TH8 base. They can also protect critical locations without being present because they have a long range.

Mortars:An ordnance which is the backbone of the war

At level 6, Mortars are extremely important to have. Unlike a level 5 mortar,a level 6 mortar can take out level 6 archers in a single shot which is important during the defense of TH9s. The mortars cannot target air forces like dragons, because they are ranked so low thus they are useless against Hog riders. While wizard towers are extremely superior to balloons and hog riders for dealing with them, they are also able to dissuade the TH9 Barch attackers.

Bombs: The premium danger packages

Last but not the least; Bombs. A level 3 Giant bomb only gains 25 damage boost and no range boost from a level 2 Giant Bomb. This is an optional upgrade because it will not add much of a difference versus hog riders since Level 2 giant bombs will still knock them out.

Offensive and Defensive upgrades in TH8:

Shielding Towers:

  • Walls can have at max lvl8 while Archer Towers and Cannons can only have a maximum upgrade of Lvl 10.
  • The most upgrade Mortars, Teslas, Air Defenses, and Hidden Wizard Towers is Lvl 6.
  • The Bomb Tower has a maximum Lvl 2, meanwhile the Air Sweeper has maximum Lvl 4.

Traps and Mines:

  • The maximum level of explosives and air bombs, huge bombs, and spring traps is Lvl 3 and Lvl 5 respectively.
  • Skeleton traps have a maximum Lvl 2, while air mines can go to maximum of Lvl 1.


  • Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines can go to Lvl 12 when upgraded the Maximum.
  • The maximum level of the Barracks and Gold Storages as well as Elixir Storages is Lvl 10 And Lvl 11, respectively.
  • The Laboratory and Army Camps go to a Max Lvl 6 upgrade.
  • Dark Elixir Storage, Dark Barracks, and the Clan Castle can be upgraded till Lvl 4.
  • Drill Elixir Spell Factory and Dark Elixir can be upgraded to Lvl 6 only.
  • The Dark Spell Factory has a maximum of Lvl 2.