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Creating an effective SEO strategy for 2023 to generate organic traffic


Creating the perfect SEO strategy for a company is usually best if organic and paid traffic is included. If organic methods help boost the business in its prime stages, paid advertising helps settle the base audience as well as make people better remember the name and purpose of the brand. However, the organisation must already ensure the website’s UX and optimisation are on point so that generating traffic will flow naturally. Other aspects must also be considered, such as the developing stage in which the company is. 

Regardless, each type of traffic-building strategy has ups and downs. For example, despite the affordability of generating organic traffic, it is time-consuming and requires research. On the other hand, paid traffic is more efficient but can be pricier, which many companies may not be able to invest in. 

Businesses need to find the best solution based on their needs, values and capacities to grow steadily. Therefore, organic traffic is believed to be the best strategy, at least in the first years, because it ensures the success of long-term goals. Here’s how it needs to be done. 


Optimising initiatives must be the first step towards effective organic growth. For example, your website is the most important when it comes to making an impression on your customers and other businesses. Therefore, check your website’s performance and ensure it’s capable of handling a high volume of traffic and loading in the shortest time possible. 

For a long time, longer content was praised and most appreciated, but nowadays, users like it short and sweet, meaning you must be able to provide a brief answer to their problems, for which your website must be optimised in all ways possible. Some tips include doing technical SEO, improving user experience and making your website mobile-friendly, which you can achieve with companies like Seeders.

It’s easy to generate organic traffic with a well-optimised website, because you offer exactly what people want without saturating your content with irrelevant information, and you can save time and money. Besides providing organic traffic, an optimised website increases brand visibility and reputation as well as boosts revenues via conversions. But optimising can be challenging due to planning and maintaining tasks that are not only time-consuming, but the tools used to perfect these aspects might add certain costs to the final expense. 


Outsourcing is an alternative to paid advertising because you’re counting on a specialised company that knows how to handle your company’s requirements. Therefore, you can ask for outsource link building services so that you won’t have to do the tedious work of link building. 

A good link-building strategy allows the user to get more insight into the services they want to try for the first time, for example, and get more knowledgeable on the benefits they might leverage. But this strategy requires finding editorial links and guest blogs and having one link for another, which is time-consuming.

If you want to grow your network in SEO Perth also, links are highly important, and they need to rely on structured workflow, which is why quality control is important for your brand. Plus, other authoritative websites can link to your SEO Perth content if you are able to outsource properly.

Keyword researching

Keyword research is the best technique to target specific audiences. That’s because users leverage keywords to find solutions to their concerns. If you can target specific searches, you can create more relevant content according to what people are searching for. The process of keyword researching has the following elements:

  • The relevance of your content 
  • The authoritative aspects of your content 
  • The volume of keywords used

Improving organic traffic through keyword research can be challenging. You must know your business well to be able to make a brief list of relevant topics based on it and use keyword research tools to benefit your company. While it seems easy at first since you can use digital tools, it’s repetitive work in which you need to pay close attention to your strategies. Luckily, Google has plenty of digital tools you can leverage to make your task list shorter and more manageable. 

Keyword research is crucial for organic traffic and has the following benefits:

  • Boosts a more engaged audience, regardless of your content format of blogs, videos or infographics;
  • Increases conversion as users will spend more time on your website as well as view more content;
  • Offers close insight into modern marketing trends so that you can keep your content relevant;
  • Helps place keywords in the right place so the search engine can match the keyword to your content; 

Posting qualitative content 

Creating plenty of qualitative and valuable content is among the most effective strategies for growing organic content, and it also helps to be consistent in your work. Customers will always expect a new post or story as they appreciate quality, but quantity also matters.


There’s no such thing as a magic strategy, but you may be able to find what works for your company depending on the schedule, tasks and people doing the job. Posting something daily on your website or social media would be best, but choosing both for sharing your valuable input is best.

You should avoid making your articles much longer than needed even if the subject can be explained briefly in a few paragraphs. Long content only works in specific sectors, such as YouTube videos, but things are different when it comes to written and visual content. At the same time, targeting keywords that are irrelevant to your business to reach more customers is counterproductive. This method was popular a few years ago, but now companies need to personalise each experience for their clients, from keywords to posts. 

Bottom line

Your SEO strategy for boosting organic traffic needs to be customised on your business and competencies. As a company, it’s also necessary to have the basics on point before starting this journey because otherwise, you’ll find many lacking aspects. Overall, reaching considerable organic traffic is possible and more advantageous in the long run.