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Cyberpunk 2077: How to Complete Spy in the Jungle


Even minor jobs picked up on side streets in Cyberpunk 2077 have a captivating and thought-provoking plot. When they concentrate, a development team may create great set pieces. The team behind Cyberpunk 2077 is one of these, and despite the game’s shortcomings, some parts make you step back. Spy in the Jungle in Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in one of these locales and is difficult, although it looks good. Learn how to complete the cyberpunk 2077 quest “Spy in the Jungle” using this guide:

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How to Complete Spy in the Jungle

The Spy in the Jungle mission’s beginning is the starting point for this Cyberpunk 2077 quest. Mr. Hands will tell you to go to the area southwest of the stacks in Dogtown. He’ll usher you into a back room, where you’ll be employed on the spot to track down a missing agent.

Head to Organitopia

You should take the elevator to Organitopia now. This is the mission’s capstone and an opportunity for the Cyberpunk 2077 design team to show their stuff. Everything here looks like it was plucked straight out of the Jurassic, right down to the dinosaurs, flora, and cyber-enhanced mercenaries.

There are doors that need to be unlocked before you can enter. The grill window in front of the door must be opened. This requires a body of 3. Pass through the resulting chasm and continue straight ahead. The door can be broken down. After doing so, a discussion with the desired agent will begin automatically. The rest of the mission is explained by him.

Shoot your way

It’s possible to play Cyberpunk Spy in the Jungle stealthily by hiding among the flora and fauna, but I went in guns blazing. I completed Spy in The Jungle by physical force, not stealth. When you have completed Cyberpunk 2077’s task and everyone else has died, Bana will invite you to the last room where the showdown will take place.

Kill Boris ‘Spy in The Jungle’ Ribakov

This boss fight is quite frustrating. Boris is able to hide in plain sight while yet dashing all over the place and calling forth minions. A sniper rifle and some quickhacks made short work of him.

Don’t waste your time pursuing Boris. Instead, wait for him to pop up to shoot you. The next step is to equip him with a quick hack, ideally one with a lengthy effect period, and to clip him with as many shots as possible. You’ll get nowhere by trying to catch him.

When his health drops below 60%, he will begin to call upon his minions. The first group consists of easily destroyed robots, whereas the second is made up of carbon copies. These are a nuisance and should be eliminated without delay. Get back to Boris as soon as they’re finished. As usual, the Cyberpunk combat AI Boris hardly attacked me.

Don’t bother trying to track him down; he’ll only dance and dash around. Just ping him with a quickhack everytime he arrives, and utilize your sniper. In Cyberpunk 2077, I found this to be the most effective strategy for eliminating Boris and finishing the Spy in the Jungle mission.

Should you Give the biomonitor to Ana or destroy it?

Return to Ana and Steven after making your decision on Katya. At some point, Steven will phone and urge V to change his mind about giving Ana the biomonitor. Since Steven wasn’t in on the cover-up along with the rest of the agency, he fears that exposing the truth will only end in their deaths.

But Ana is fuming and plans to go to the press with the story. V must now make a new decision.

  • You’ll get 6,000 eddies from Ana if you hand over the biomonitor.
  • Destroying the biomonitor will result in a loss of 4,000 eddies.

There appear to be no repercussions from either choice, but Steven informs V that Ana will be killed for exposing the cover-up. If doing the right thing means risking her life, Ana tells V she doesn’t care. V will be in the dark if anything happens to Ana. We think it would be best to give Ana the biomonitor. Not only will you earn extra income from doing so, but you’ll also get to help stick it to man and hold a corrupt administration accountable for their acts.


Is it possible to beat the secret ending in cyberpunk?

The hidden ending of Cyberpunk 2077 is notoriously tough to locate and possibly even more difficult to beat, but with the appropriate information and preparation, any player can find and finish this challenging quest.

Do I need 70 with Johnny Silverhand?

The correct answer is “70%” to see the hidden ending. The secret ending can be accessed by making certain decisions during the Chippin’ In side task.

Should you spare Katya cyberpunk?

The best possible ending for everyone involved in Phantom Liberty would appear to be if Katya were allowed to live and Ana was given the biomonitor. Even if Katya is still being hunted by SovOil, her life is obviously preferable to death.

What is the rarest ending in cyberpunk?

The secret ending to Cyberpunk 2077 involves Johnny Silverhand going on a solo mission in V’s body to tear Arasaka Tower to the ground.