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Dark Souls: Remastered Boss Order With DLC – Complete Guide


Dark Souls: Remastered is a new boss order that you can enjoy with DLC. You can download the main game for free, or you can buy the full game for $19.99. The main game of Dark Souls: Remastered comes with Darksiders, the video game that is known for its Errors. error is an important character in the Dark Souls series. He’s known for his severe errors, which make him difficult to deal with. In addition, there are also various other side content that you can enjoy as well. The expansion packs will give you more opportunities to defeat the boss of the first area, but they won’t do so without some help from your friends.

The Top 10 Most Unique Boss Fights In All The Dark Souls DLC

1 – Dark Souls 2: Fume Knight

Despite the fact that it is the most divisive of the three games, Dark Souls 2 will be the most prominent entry on the list. Why? To put it simply, it’s because Dark Souls 2 had three separate DLC packs, but Dark Souls 3 only had two and Dark Souls 1 only had a single expansion. In addition, the Fume Knight combat was included in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC, which players were able to experience. In addition to having an immensely engaging plot, Raime the Fume Knight also has an even more exciting confrontation. In this fight, FromSoft achieves one of the greatest mixtures of difficulty and mood, and even inserts NieR-like elements such as bullet-hell mechanics into the mix.

2 – Dark Souls 1: Manus, Father Of The Abyss

Ah, the Father of the Abyss, the first of humanity, and the inspiration for so many of the first Dark Souls theory videos on the internet. In addition, he is one of the most difficult opponents in all of Souls. Manus not only has one of the most distinctive designs in the history of Dark Souls, but he also has one of the most distinctive fights. The notion of employing the Pendant to provide a temporary protection against Abyssal power was really unique, and it successfully integrated the item and combat systems together in a seamless manner. And, until Bloodborne, when players could use the Music-box to stun Father Gascoigne’s bestial form, fans of the series wouldn’t see anything like it employed again.

3 – Dark Souls 2: The Burnt Ivory King

Returning to Dark Souls 2, the penultimate combat in the Crown of the Ivory King DLC is against the Ivory King himself, and this is the last battle in the game. In addition to being one of the most atmospheric battles in all three games, this one is also rather distinctive in terms of its storey, gaming mechanics, and introduction. The lead-up to the Old Ivory King is unlike the lead-up to the previous two DLCs in that the arena itself has portals from which enemies may spawn if players neglect the Loyce Knights that are scattered across the area. But, even more than that, the Ivory King is simply outrageously awesome in every way possible!

4 – Dark Souls 3: Halflight, The Spear Of The Church

Several issues that fans have had regarding the environment since the first game are answered in The Ringed City expansion pack for Dark Souls 3. However, it also raises just as many questions as it does answers, particularly in relation to anything having to do with Filianore. Still, one mechanism that many fans weren’t expecting to see again is one that was introduced in Demon’s Souls with the Old Monk and has been around ever since.

In this case, we’re talking about Halflight’s Spears of the Church covenant, which reinstates the concept of calling additional players as a necessary aspect of a monster battle, which was previously removed off the table. We’re excited to see this mechanism make a comeback, as it contributes significantly to the Ringed City DLC’s content.

5 – Dark Souls 1: Artorias The Abysswalker

Artorias was one of Gwyn’s Four Elite Knights, and he was unquestionably the coolest of the bunch.. In addition to being based on the iconic manga character Guts, he also has a big Wolf sidekick and benefits from one of FromSoft’s greatest human designs. However, it is the actual gameplay in the combat itself that is most noteworthy. Even though it is very tough (particularly when using a summon), maintaining your ground against a corrupted Artorias is a lot of fun. Because the form of Artorias that players battle in the DLC is just a fragment of the man he really was, it strengthens the notion that no one could have defeated him in his prime.

6 – Dark Souls 2: Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, and Cerah the Old Explorer

So far, each of the bosses we’ve discussed has been distinct in terms of their mythology, gameplay, and general mood, but this next one is distinct in a completely different manner from the others. Primarily, the Graverobbers battle is unusual in that there is practically little backstory to be found here, and none of the three NPCs lose a soul, which would indicate that they had some type of relationship to one another. Essentially, it’s an AI-controlled PVP battle between the player character and four other characters: a Havel cosplayer, a bow-wielding Lucatiel enthusiast, and an Alva-idolizing dual-blade user. Outside than that, there isn’t much to say; this “boss-fight” doesn’t really feel like one, doesn’t contribute much to the mythology of the region, and isn’t really entertaining, but it is utterly unique.

7 – Dark Souls 3: Sister Friede

In Dark Souls 3, Sister Friede is without a doubt intended to be the most challenging boss battle in the game, with an incredible three stages that get more tough as the game progresses. Sister Friede just attacks the Ashen Undead with her scythe and a slew of frost-afflicting spells during the First Phase of the battle. The second phase consists with Ariandel hitting a bowl onto the player character while Friede intervenes from the side. Then, in Phase 3, Friede transforms into Blackflame Friede and attacks the player with a completely different moveset and life bar than before. Friede is at her most challenging during her last phase, during which she does dark damage. There’s a lot going on in this encounter, and every aspect of it seems fresh and innovative.

8 – Dark Souls 2: Lud And Zallen, The King’s Pets

In Dark Souls 2, there are a plethora of optional boss bouts to participate in. In reality, with the Shrine of Winter workaround, the majority of the bosses in the original version were made unnecessary. However, Lud and Zallen, two optional monsters from all three DLCs, are one of the least talked about and most distinctive bosses in the game.

These two were the Ivory King’s pets, and it was clear that they had been tainted by Alsanna’s Darkness as well. Fighting these wild cats in co-op requires the assistance of a teammate, and it is one of the few battles in the series that was specifically created for online multiplayer. Are they the most entertaining bosses to battle? No, not actually, but it is an interesting notion anyway.

9 – Dark Souls 3: The Demon Prince

The Demon Prince is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult encounters in Dark Souls 3. Due to the fact that the player must beat this Prince in order to even be able to unlock the Ringed City DLC, this two-phase combat is both very exciting and extremely aggravating. Defeating the Demon Prince is technically the second part of this fight, since the first stage involves fighting the Ashen Undead, The Demon From Below (also known as the Demon In Pain), and the Demon In Pain. Our experience with FromSoft games has been that they are most enjoyable in a 1-v-1 setting. We are not sure why they keep trying encounters like this with several foes, because it makes the combat very chaotic. The Demon Prince’s moveset alters based on whatever Demon the player kills first, which is ridiculous, and the sheer spectacle of this battle is unlike that of most other bosses in the whole Souls series, which is a rarity (except for maybe The Old Demon King).

10 – Dark Souls 2: Sir Alonne

Sir Alonne is perhaps one of the most well-liked and respected bosses in all of Souls (other than maybe the Crossbreed Priscilla). Sir Alonne, the noble knight, will undoubtedly bow to the player each and every time they visit this last section of the Old Iron King DLC, expressing his gratitude for having persevered through the painfully tough Brume Tower to this point. Alonne is yet another human on human battle, although he does it with much more elegance and delicacy than he would against someone like Fume Knight or Smough would suggest. Alonne is a tremendously swift monster that targets directly for the most crucial locations on the battlefield. He is also an exceedingly challenging fight in general. The ambiance, design of his arena, general respect, and nature of this encounter all seem completely unique to Dark Souls 2, and it’s something we haven’t seen in any other game before or after it was released.



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