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Dead Space Remake: Unlock the Alternate Ending


You’ll have to put in some considerable time and effort to unlock the hidden ending in the Dead Space remake. The remastered version of Dead Space is a significant improvement over the original. Dead Space Remake is a wonderful experience thanks to its enhanced visuals, enhanced sound design, reorganized narrative beats, and an alternative ending. If you want to know how to get the secret ending in Dead Space Remake, read this post.

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How to Unlock the Alternate Ending

First, complete the game on any difficulty, and then start over. This is due to the fact that the alternative ending cannot be seen until New Game Plus is completed. Gather the twelve pieces of the Marker hidden across Ishimura to reveal the hidden ending.

Once you’ve collected all twelve of these miniature Markers, head on into the Captain’s chambers and set them atop the shine. A sound will then play to let you know you’ve triggered the secret conclusion. At this point, all that remains is a victory over the game on any difficulty.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Each chapter has one Marker fragment to collect; but, in some chapters, you can gather many fragments if you prioritize certain regions of the ship. The only way to get them all is to wait until the very end of the game. Now is the time to visit the Captain’s quarters.

Chapter 1:

There will be a lot of useful equipment on the Flight Deck and in the Maintenance Bay Office for Isaac to use. The first marker piece is on the bookcase to the right of the desk, right in the middle of all of them. Use Issac’s navigational aids and map, as with everything else on this list, if the player ever finds themselves lost. Many helpful tools are available that will speed up your search considerably.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Chapter 2:

Issac can take the mini-elevator down from the balcony level to the ground floor of the Medical Deck, where his destination is Dr. Kyne’s office. The player might look around the office and discover a bookshelf that doesn’t quite fit in. You can get inside the space behind the shelf using Kinesis to shift it. Inside, on the desk, is the second marker piece.

Chapter 3:

This marker piece’s apparent placement in the large steam engine room could be viewed as peculiar. You’ll find the hidden item on the far left side of the area, behind one of the intricate engine contraptions.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Chapter 4:

Please go to the First Floor. Use the Bridge’s central lift to get here. Pass through Comms, and the Break Room will be on your right. The marker piece can be found next to the odd red prayer circle.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Chapter 5:

This marker piece made its way from the morgue to Dr. Mercer’s lab, where it now rests on the table beneath a reassembled infector. Fortunately, you can’t miss this one.

Still, there’s more! There are two fragments of a marker in this chapter. The second one sits atop the Cryogenics Chamber’s supporting framework. Focus Issac’s attention upward to grab the strategically placed piece that can be retrieved using Kinesis and added to stock.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Chapter 6:

This is a challenging piece. Turning on the zero gravity function is as simple as going to the circuit breaker in the Hydroponics Bay. Flip around and head straight toward the upper deck. It’s up to the player to decide whether to land or continue flying. To return Issac to the direction of the switch, he must be turned over his left shoulder. All about the ship is a conglomeration of crumpled gunk that looks like other objects the player has seen. The fragment can be extracted from the muck by means of Kinesis.

Chapter 7:

Dallas’s rig is in a pile of blood to the right of the purifying control panel. Return to the Mineral Samples room once Dallas’s rig has been bought and Issac’s clearance has been raised to Level 3. The shard that serves as a marker may be seen on the shelf in front of you.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Chapter 8:

Another alien growth sticks out from the wall within the Communications Array room, where Issac must place the arrays in the precise areas to send a signal. Zero-g flight will get you there quickly. The marker piece is floating inside the cavity, waiting to be plucked.

Chapter 10:

In the Deluxe Quarters, replace the battery that was in the circuit breaker control unit with the one from the Deluxe Quiet Bunks. You’ll need to trip the breaker to open the doors. Follow the Central Nexus backwards until you reach the Deluxe Shift Quarters. At this point, Issac should be able to enter the room and retrieve the fragment from the desk on the left.

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending

Surprise! In Chapter 10, we find yet another marker shard. Wait for the left door to open after talking to Kyne. It thinks it’s so sneaky that it’s hidden under a wine bottle on the table in front of the door, next to the ‘Amelia’ graffiti.

Chapter 11:

To activate the cargo crane, you’ll need to walk to the southwest corner of the really exciting and not at all frightening area. A piece of a marker is safely stashed away. Taking possession of it will end the search for the marker shards. Next steps then?

Dead Space Remake: Unlocking the Alternate Ending


What happens in Dead Space alternate ending?

Isaac smiles and says, “I have something I need to build first,” and the two enjoy a touching moment. After making a U-turn, the ship blasts off into the void. That is to say, it may cast the upcoming game’s events in a new light.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Space remake?

While most of the game’s weapons can now be found throughout the environment rather than bought from a store, the Hand Cannon remains its own unique entity. This is an exclusive bonus for completing the game on the hardest difficulty setting. The hardest challenge in the game, complete with permanent death.

What is the most powerful gun in Dead Space?

The alternate fire mode is just as lethal, producing a powerful laser shot that can decimate many foes with a single blast. The Contact Beam is the deadliest weapon in the game, although it wastes a lot of bullets.

Does Dead Space remake have cheats?

The Dead Space reboot includes some new shortcuts and hidden content, including easter eggs and a different ending. The following is a list of all the known cheats and hidden features. More cheats for the original Dead Space exist, but they don’t appear to be compatible with the remake.

Is the Force Gun worth it in Dead Space remake?

The Force Gun is as effective as they say it is, providing an enormous buffer similar to stasis. While its raw damage isn’t quite as good as the Force Gun from Dead Space 2, it comes in handy when facing up against multiple necros at once.