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inriver Unveils Transformative Product Innovations to Drive Efficiency, Scalability and Compliance


CHICAGO, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — inriver, the leading product information management (PIM) software company powering the entire product journey, today unveiled transformative enhancements to its platform. Announced at the company’s annual PIMpoint Americas conference, these groundbreaking features are set to redefine how companies achieve product regulatory compliance and manage content creation, extension management and workflows.

“These new features and enhancements to the inriver platform underscore the company’s commitment to our partners and customers,” said inriver Chief Product Officer Stephen Kaufman. “Our number one priority is providing brands and manufacturers with the platform that powers their entire product journey. This year, we’re going above and beyond – redefining the boundaries of Product Information Management and enabling businesses to increase sales and unlock the full product experience potential for their customers.”

“inriver quickly capitalized on bringing a secure and useful application of AI that helped us overcome content creation at scale,” said Samantha Schwartz, Vice President of Ecommerce at Jensen Precast. “By using the inriver Inspire, we saw an average increase in our organic traffic of 60% and in some categories, it was an over 120% increase. We also saw a quarter-over-quarter increase in conversion rate.”

inriver developed these product enhancements as part of its longstanding commitment to its partners and customers, providing access to cutting-edge solutions that streamline tasks for PIM users and product managers, enhancing efficiency and productivity. inriver’s upgraded solutions include:

  • Content onboarding APIs. Building on the success of the Content Delivery API, inriver will offer a comprehensive suite of APIs developed to standardize inbound integrations for onboarding data to the inriver PIM.
  • AI-powered content creation and onboarding. Inspire, which integrates the power of ChatGPT with the inriver PIM, now offers AI-driven batch editing to streamline content management, plus a custom prompt editor to maximize relevance for diverse audiences.
  • Product data governance tools. No other PIM empowers brands to swiftly achieve regulatory compliance through the tracking of product generations and through the creation of a unique QR code for product labeling and for e-commerce, enabling product traceability and consumer transparency. This feature allows organizations to stay compliant as rules change, such as the European Union’s upcoming Digital Product Passport requirements, California’s Prop65 and French Decree 2022-748 AGEC.
  • Revolutionizing extension management. Augmenta, inriver’s development platform, empowers developers and partners to extend the inriver platform using a wide range of coding languages. Augmenta ensures optimal performance and scalability, addressing key challenges in extension management.
  • Lifecycle data management. Introducing workflows, which automate data management at every step of the product life cycle, streamlining operational processes, enhancing productivity and reducing time-to-market.
  • GS1/GDSN. inriver is partnering with OmegaPoint to deliver deeply integrated GDSN data delivery. OmegaPoint has over 8 years of experience delivering scalable data injections to certified GDSN pools. In the future, the solution will also be configured, implemented, and supported by any of our certified system integration partners.
  • Enhanced content distribution. inriver Syndicate Plus now supports distribution of enhanced content to leading retailers and marketplaces through APIs, enabling brands to more easily stand out among the competition.

With these new product innovations, inriver has doubled down on its investment in AI integrations and first-to-market solutions that enable brands to easily manage, personalize and syndicate product content, while ensuring regulatory compliance. inriver will implement these innovations over the next few quarters and work closely with partners and customers to ensure they can harness the full potential of the company’s products.

About inriver
inriver is the composable platform that powers your entire product journey, combining the agility of the inriver PIM with advanced syndication, monitoring, digital shelf optimization, and integration capabilities. inriver provides seamless flexibility to meet growing consumer, regulatory, and market demands. Supporting both B2B and B2C enterprises throughout the entire product cycle, the inriver platform empowers businesses to deliver compelling product experiences while ensuring data accuracy and consistency from origin to sale and every stage in between.

inriver helps brands, manufacturers, and retailers turn product information into strategic assets, maximizing profitability at every touchpoint for 1,600+ global brands. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, and with offices all over the world, inriver has a team of over 350 people ready to strengthen your product journey.