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Devil May Cry 5

Difficulty Settings in Devil May Cry 5


If you have not started Devil May Cry 5 yet and are wondering which difficulty will be best for you, we may have a solution for you. When you start the campaign in game, it asks you to select a difficulty level. To be clear, it is totally your choice. You can select whichever difficulty level you like. There are different difficulty options available for you in Devil May Cry 5 to choose from. Game offers a wide variety of settings from easy to hardcore types.

If you don’t know yet, we will tell you that there are six difficult settings in Devil May Cry 5. But not every difficulty level is available at the start. For instance, “Dante Must Die” cannot be selected when you’re playing the game for the very first time. We will help you to understand which difficulty level is best for you and how you can unlock “Dante Must Die” level.

All Difficulty Levels in Devil May Cry 5


You can find six different difficulty settings in DMC 5 to choose from. These settings include from the basic difficulty “Human” to maximum difficulty level “Dante Must Die”.

If you’re new to the game series, we suggest that you choose Human settings. Human setting is perfect for players who are new to Devil May Cry world. It will challenge you occasionally but no so much that you’ll feel difficult to get through. However, if you are a veteran of the game and would like a real challenge, you should choose Dante Must Die or Heaven & Hell difficulty. We have broken down the settings to simplify things for you.

Human Level:

Basic difficulty level in Devil May Cry 5 is Human. It is available at the start of the game and highly recommended for newbies to the Devil May Cry series. This difficulty will challenge the least, enemies will have less health and will strike less damage. You can easily find your way through the game on this level.

Devil Hunter:

Devil Hunter is the hardest difficulty available for you at the start of the game. If you complete the game on this setting, you’ll unlock “Son of Sparda”. Safe to say that Devil Hunter is not extremely difficult to play on. You can complete almost every mission on 2nd or 3rd try. Though as compared to Human settings, enemies possess double health and deal double damage in this one.

Son of Sparda:

Next difficulty level is Son of Sparda in Devil May Cry 5. As told before, you can only unlock this level after completing the game on Devil Hunter level. Completing the game on Son of Sparda difficulty will unlock further levels. For instance, Dante Must Die and Heaven & Hell will be unlocked when you complete the game on Son of Sparda. Beware that enemies will be difficult to deal on Son of Sparda as they will deal double damage and will have double health as compared to Devil Hunter. Also, enemies will strike swiftly in this setting. Son of Sparda also includes new boss fight pattern. Demons will spawn more and will be of harder level. All in all, Son of Sparda really offers a challenging environment for players.

Heaven & Hell:

If you’re a Devil May Cry veteran and want some real challenge, we suggest you try the game on this difficulty level. As the name suggests, Heaven & Hell is difficulty for pro-players. You can be killed with a single hit. Combat is way more challenging and enemies are smarter with deadly attack. Even a little slip can cost you your progress.

Another thing that adds difficulty to this setting is that checkpoints are removed in Heaven & Hell. You won’t be able to use Gold Orbs for revival. Players are limited to three revivals per mission. In Heaven & Hell, you also get a special feature to play with one hit kill. Using this ability, you can kill demons with one hit only. Heaven & Hell can be fun to play in especially with this one hit feature.

Dante Must Die:

Dante Must Die will be unlocked after you complete the game on Son of Sparda difficulty. If you think playing on Son of Sparda is hard, try Dante Must Die. It will certainly take the best player out of you. Similar to other difficulties, in Dante Must Die, enemies will deal double damage and will have double health. You can notice that enemy health bars are doubled. Plus, enemies can trigger their Devil mode. Enemies will be fiercer and swift. In this difficulty, you won’t have a chance for a single mistake. Completing the game on Dante Must Die difficulty will reward you with one of the finest costumes that game has to offer: Super Alternate Costumes. They will be unlocked for all characters including Nero, V and Dante. And you’ll also be able to use Infinite Devil Trigger ability once you finish the game on Dante Must Die difficulty.

Hell & Hell:

Hell & Hell is sort of a special difficulty level. As the name suggest, this difficulty is similar to Heaven & Hell. You can be killed with a single strike. Enemies are harder and smarter. Combat is way more challenging and it keeps you on your toes all the time. Similar to other higher difficulties, you won’t find any checkpoints in Hell & Hell. Use of Gold Orb revives is disabled and you only get three total revives per mission.

If you’re not extra careful and you use up all of the three revives, you’ll be taken back to start of the mission. Putting it at the end of the difficulty level list clearly suggests that Hell & Hell is the most challenging difficulty level in Devil May Cry 5. If you don’t have much experience if DMC series, we would recommend that you try other difficulties first. Because in the end it is all about fun. If you get killed again and again and don’t find it enjoyable, there will be no fun in that right! Although if you somehow complete the game on Dante Must Die difficulty, then it won’t be much harder for you take on Hell & Hell.


These were the six difficulties level on which you can play Devil May Cry 5. To quickly go through them again, Human settings is the basics which is strongly recommended for DMC novice. Enemies are easier to kill and you have infinite revives for every mission. Devil Hunter is somewhat similar to Human difficulty but with a little increased struggle. Son of Sparda offer a real challenge for players who welcome it. Similar to Heaven & Hell, there are only three revives available in Son of Sparda. Enemies strike harder and more swiftly. Last two difficulties were added as a special bonus. These are reserved for only pro-players.

Have you unlocked “Dante Must Die” or Hell & Hell? Which difficulty did you find most challenging? Tell us in the comments section below.

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