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Kingdom of Hearts 3

KH3 Classic Kingdom Rewards


KH3 Classic Kingdom Rewards

The Classic Kingdom mini-games are best way to get rewards in Kingdom Hearts III. These games are based on classic Disney cartoons. It is so much fun that you are going to love playing them and rewards will make you feel so good. You will get awesome rewards by playing KH3 classic kingdom.

KH3: How to unlock classic Kingdom?

When you reach Twilight Town for the first time you will get a KH3 Classic Kingdom game “Giantland”.

3 Benefits of playing classic kingdom

  1. You will be able to unlock a Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III.
  2. By playing each game you can earn a pretty cool Keyblade with a unique shotlock.
  3. You can earn for yourself powerful new weapons.

Variety of rewards that you can earn by playing kh3 classic kingdom

These rewards will help you to increase your strength, magic and will work as counter shield.

  1. Classic Kingdom Mickey Outfit: You can get this outfit for Sora when you score 10,000 points in any of the Classic Kingdom mini-games. This outfit will allow you to dress up your character in a unique way.
  2. Starlight Keyblade: When you will complete all Classic Kingdom mini-games it will be unlocked. This powerful weapon can be used to defeat Heartless and other enemies.
  3. Classic Kingdom Hearts: You must get high score in mini games and complete the game’s main story to get it.
  4. Classic Tone Keyblade: To earn the Classic Tone Keyblade, players must score high in the Musical Farmer mini-game. This Keyblade is another powerful weapon that can be used in battle.
  5. Mickey and Minnie Flan: You can unlock it by playing the Barnyard Battle mini-game. These special Flans can be used to increase strength and speed of Sora.
  6. Classic Kingdom Hearts Achievements: By completing various challenges you can view your achievements in the achievements menu. For example; you can get high score in a specific mini-game or win particular challenges.

So, playing the Classic Kingdom mini-games is always enjoyable and rewarding.