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Dredge – How to Get Aberrant Fish


The Lovecraftian adventure game Dredge has numerous varieties of fish, of which Aberrant Fish is just one. These animals occasionally exhibit little deviations from their regular behavior due to a particular variety experiencing some sort of mutation. Nonetheless, their great market value makes them valuable to capture. You must catch every single aberrant fish at least once if you hope to finish your fish encyclopedia in Dredge. You will learn how to obtain aberrant fish in dredging by reading this article:

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Where to Find Aberrant Fish

The same fishing sites that yield conventional fish also yield aberrant fish. Finding a greenish mist and colorful sparkles over fishing areas is the key to capturing them. Aberrant Fish can be the last fish you bring up, or it could be the first, but as long as the shimmer remains, you can catch the fish.

The Encyclopedia has several Aberrant forms of each variety of fish. The dark purple background of an Aberrant fish in your cargo or storage indicates that it is one. Remember that any aberrant that finds its way into your cargo could infect your other fish.

Dredge - How to Get Aberrant Fish

It will most likely be a squid when you first catch an aberrant fish. To deliver the fish to the fishmonger, you will receive a Pursuit. Ultimately, he will take a handkerchief out of it and give you extra money in exchange. The Sign of Ruin increases the likelihood of encountering Aberrant fish if you have purchased the Blackstone Key DLC.

How to Get Aberrant Fish

Watch out for the fishing sites in Dredge with gold and green sparkles emanating from them if you wish to capture an abnormal fish. In addition to being easier to see, we have noticed that more aberrant fish are visible at night. Just monitor your level of panic…

Dredge - How to Get Aberrant Fish

Ensure your boat has a rod that lets you fish at the location where you’ve discovered aberrant fish. After all, if your pole isn’t made for shallow-water fishing, you can’t fish in a shallow place. You can still fish in this location even if the rod is damaged; you just won’t be able to take advantage of any speed benefits.

All that’s left to do is fish until the anomalous fish is caught. To find the anomalous fish, you might need to catch several regular ones first; however, you can always discard the usual ones. Remember to watch out for the green and gold sparkles, as they will disappear along with the aberrant fish!

Dredge - How to Get Aberrant Fish

Remember to consult your Encyclopedia if you’re searching for a particular species of aberrant fish. The abnormal fish, like all the fish in Dredge, have a page in this book that describes their kind (such as Abyssal, etc.), when and when they show up, and the gear you’ll need to catch them.


What is the rarest fish in Dredge?

Because it is the most prized fish in Dredge, the gazing shark is extremely rare. This spiny variant of the Hammerhead Shark inhabits the same prong-shaped area as the Hammerhead and can be found in the outer waters outside of Stellar Basin.

How do you get more aberrations in Dredge?

Using the mixed-bait strategy, the atrophy spell, and spawn spot frequenting are effective ways to catch tougher aberrations. To properly catch some, though, you’ll need to look for them and use certain tools.

Does the signet ring do anything in Dredge?

To the best of my knowledge, the Dredge Signet Ring serves only as a product to be sold to traders, who will purchase it for $90.

Is there a good ending to Dredge?

Giving the last missing relic to the Collector on Blackstone Island marks the end of your journey. Once a warning appears, you have the option to proceed with the “bad ending” by default or embark on a short adventure to reveal the “good ending.”

Who should I give the dog to in Dredge?

Alternatively, you may give it to the researcher. Her portrait will be altered to include the dog if it is presented to her. Not only can you retain the dog for yourself, but you also have to chat to the researcher and select “Actually, I think I’m going to keep the dog” in order to do so.