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Dredge – How to Get Explosives


The Retired Whaler gives you the Dredge Explosives in Gale Cliffs after you finish the Hermitage chase with the Hermit at the adjacent Ruins and locate the Family Crest. You use these explosives to remove obstacles like boulders and barricades and open up new paths. The Family Crest for the Hermitage Pursuit must be retrieved before you can access explosives in Dredge. Thus, the next post will clarify how to obtain explosives in Dredge:

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How to Get Explosives

After returning the Family Crest, it’s time to open Dredge’s Packed Explosives. After presenting the Hermit with the Family Crest, you must go to his brother in Ingfell to accomplish this. The brother in question is the Retired Whaler, and he will ask you to blow up some debris for him after informing him, “I believe this crest is yours.”

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

You must cruise toward the area of Gale Cliffs where the enormous fish stalks you in order to accomplish this, since they will have no trouble attacking you. Because of this, we advise making sure the engines you add are quicker than the ones your boat originally had because you’ll need to make a hasty getaway.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

When you’re ready, proceed through the cliff’s opening to the left of Hermit’s Port into the Ruins. The first thing you’ll come to is a circular area with a big outcrop in the center and a shipwreck. From here, you should also be able to see the section of stone on the right side of the corridor to your left that has to be blown up, indicated by yellow flags.

It’s crucial to know this before you enter the passageway because as soon as you begin sailing down it, the enormous fish will appear and attempt to attack you. It’s a good idea to stay on the left side before heading over to the explosives since for us, the fish always arrived on the right. Haste is another tool you can employ to try to outpace the fish. You must interact with the yellow-flagged rock line and choose “Yes” to blow up the debris.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

When you’re done, go back to Ingfell and have another conversation with the retired whaler. It’s time to return to the Ruins / Hermit’s Port and convince the Hermit that all is forgiven since he will want you to fetch his sibling. Six squares placed in a rectangle should be free in your cargo since you will need to carry the Hermit to Ingfell. The Retired Whaler will tell you to meet him at the whaling docks when you get there, and when you do, you’ll discover that he’s selling packed explosives.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

The first one is free, but the others will set you back $40. Packed explosives make create a rectangle with two squares on each side. We advise you to purchase every explosive he is now selling and store it in your storage if you have extra cash. Having some safe explosives in your storage will keep you from having to go back to Ingfell, as you’ll encounter a lot of demolishable walls on your route.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

How to Get the Family Crest

You must go farther into the Gale Cliffs in order to obtain the Family Crest in Dredge. On your map, the entrance to the Hermit’s port is marked as Ruins; do not, however, proceed through it. Although the map appears to show that this road is unobstructed, a row of rocks is actually obstructing your path to the Family Crest.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

Not to mention the enormous fish that appears to be determined to destroy you… Rather, you should cruise along the Gale Cliffs’ edge until you reach an entryway leading to the Family Crest. For reasons we will explain, we advise, however, that you first make sure your cargo is empty (except from your fishing gear, of course).

We discovered that the optimum course was to sail through the opening to the right of the Hermit’s / Ruins port and then proceed along the left side of the cliffs. Following this path, you’ll arrive at a little island with a port in no time, where you may dock and retrieve some valuable things from an abandoned encampment. Additionally, this island sits right in front of the entrance that leads to the Family Crest.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

The best time to retrieve the Family Crest from the ocean’s depths is in the afternoon, at roughly two o’clock (14:00). This is because, by the time you collect the crest, night will have fallen, allowing you to capture a Conger Eel for the finest Before Pursuit awarded by the Ingfell Resident.

We suggest here since it is now much safer for you to catch the eel because the enormous fish that stalks the Gale Cliffs can’t get to this place. To discover the Family Crest dredging location, which has a golden light in the center of the water in front of the waterfall, you must now sail past the three shipwrecks. The Family Crest will occupy four squares in a square configuration.

Dredge - How to Get Explosives

After six o’clock (18:00) in the evening, Conger Eels will be in a fishing location that will show up to the left of the waterfall. It will occupy five squares arranged in a S form. Recall that the Conger Eel must be rotting in order to be the Best Before Pursuit, so you can either leave it in your cargo or wait at a port until the fish is sufficiently repulsive.


Where is the hermit in Dredge?

You will encounter a local hermit as you dock at the Ruins. Even when the neighborhood is collapsing around them and you’re offering to take them out, they’ll talk about how hard it is for them to go back to Ingfell because of a fight with their brother.

Where do you get explosives in Dredge?

Once you deliver his brother the Family Crest, the Retired Whaler gives you the Dredge Explosives you need to clear rocks in Gale Cliffs. From that point on, you can purchase them from specific businesses.

How do you get a music box in dredge?

Located at Gale Cliffs, directly south of the town of Ingfell, is a shipwreck where the Music Box is hidden. But when you get to this wreck, a row of rocks will be blocking your path. Since you do not now have the means to demolish these rocks, dock at the little port that is located in front of them.

Where is figure in blue dredge?

On a little island in section M7, there’s a figure in blue. She’ll ask for three different kinds of fish: blue mackerel, tiger mackerel, and snake mackerel. Since Dredge’s fishing is not a minigame like Sonic Frontier’s, once they are located, players should be able to fish them up with ease.

What to do with ornate key dredge?

You will then receive the Ornate Key that the Collector is looking for. Return it to him right away, and although he will be a little disappointed that the Music Box is missing the key, he will still take the item from you. But as compensation for your work, you’ll receive the Haste Ability.