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Enshrouded – How to Get Goo


In the atmospheric world of Enshrouded, players find themselves immersed in a hauntingly beautiful landscape filled with mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Among the enigmatic resources sought by adventurers is Goo, a valuable substance shrouded in mystery and coveted for its diverse applications. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the strategies, methods, and secrets for obtaining Goo in Enshrouded, empowering players to unlock its full potential and delve deeper into the mysteries of the game.

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Understanding Goo in Enshrouded

Goo is a versatile and valuable resource in Enshrouded, possessing unique properties that make it indispensable for various crafting, alchemical, and exploration purposes. From crafting potent potions and enchanting items to unlocking hidden passages and deciphering ancient runes, Goo plays a crucial role in shaping the player’s journey through the world of Enshrouded. As such, obtaining Goo is a priority for adventurers seeking to harness its power and unravel the secrets that lie hidden within the shadows.

How to Get Goo

You can’t just use this to shower unsuspecting nominees for teen-themed awards, but you can upgrade your Flame Altar from level 3 to level 4 by getting Goo in Enshrouded. This is quite significant since, among other things, it will expand your options for where to go and how many Flame Altars you can erect.

Enshrouded - How to Get Goo

But in addition to having your Flame Altar leveled up previously, you also need to unlock the Alchemist and the Alchemist Mortar before you can obtain it. The process of putting Goo into Enshrouded is only getting started. You will notice right away that there isn’t a Goo choice to choose from in the crafting menu if you engage with the Alchemist as soon as you obtain the Mortar.

Enshrouded - How to Get Goo

This is not a glitch. Your character will be able to craft recipes after they find their supplies. For the Goo, you will need to make Bug Dust first. You will need to gather Critter Parts to build it. By eliminating bugs in locations covered in shadows and gathering their leftovers, you can gather this substance.

After creating Bug Dust, save it. One of the three ingredients you’ll need to make Goo is this. Shroud Liquid and Dirt are also required. Using your pickaxe on the ground will get Dirt, and interacting with large mushrooms in shrouded areas will yield Shroud Liquid.

Enshrouded - How to Get Goo

For such a small item, this could seem like a lot of work, but leveling up your Flame Altar is worthwhile. Just be careful not to perish while exploring the world—especially when those damn shroud bugs are involved. Before they can encircle you, eliminate them with a sword or fire magic.

Strategies for Maximizing Goo Acquisition

While obtaining Goo in Enshrouded requires determination and strategy, there are several tactics that players can employ to maximize their acquisition of this valuable resource. By optimizing their exploration, resource management, and interaction with NPCs and other players, players can increase their chances of obtaining Goo and unlocking its full potential. Here are some expert strategies for maximizing Goo acquisition in Enshrouded:

  1. Explore Thoroughly and Methodically: Thoroughly explore the diverse regions, biomes, and environments of Enshrouded to discover hidden sources of Goo and other valuable resources. Take the time to survey your surroundings, investigate suspicious locations, and search for clues that may lead to Goo deposits or harvesting opportunities.
  2. Invest in Gathering and Mining Tools: Invest in gathering and mining tools that are specifically designed for collecting Goo and other resources in Enshrouded. Upgrade your tools, equipment, and gear to increase your efficiency and effectiveness when harvesting Goo from flora, fauna, or underground deposits. Consider purchasing or crafting specialized tools that offer bonuses or enhancements for gathering Goo, such as increased yield or faster extraction rates.
  3. Complete Quests and Challenges: Prioritize completing quests, challenges, and missions offered by NPCs in Enshrouded to earn Goo as rewards for your efforts. Pay attention to quest objectives, requirements, and rewards, and choose quests that offer opportunities for Goo acquisition or progression towards your goals. Work with NPCs, allies, and factions to fulfill quest objectives and earn Goo along the way.
  4. Engage in Trade and Commerce: Participate in trade and commerce with NPCs, merchants, or other players in Enshrouded to obtain Goo through trading and bartering. Offer valuable items, resources, or services in exchange for Goo, or seek out opportunities to trade with others who may have Goo available for sale or exchange. Keep an eye out for favorable trade deals and opportunities to acquire Goo at competitive prices.
  5. Form Alliances and Collaborate with Others: Form alliances, guilds, or groups with other players in Enshrouded to collaborate on Goo acquisition and resource gathering. Pool your resources, skills, and knowledge to explore new areas, tackle challenging encounters, and unlock hidden sources of Goo together. Share information, tips, and strategies with your allies to maximize your collective efforts and increase your chances of obtaining Goo.
  6. Prioritize Resource Management and Efficiency: Manage your resources and inventory efficiently in Enshrouded to optimize your Goo acquisition and usage. Prioritize gathering, storing, and using Goo in a way that maximizes its benefits and minimizes waste. Consider investing in storage containers, inventory upgrades, or resource management tools to better organize and manage your Goo reserves.
  7. Adapt and Evolve Your Strategies: Adapt and evolve your strategies for Goo acquisition based on changing circumstances, challenges, and opportunities in Enshrouded. Stay informed about updates, patches, and changes to the game that may impact Goo acquisition or introduce new sources of Goo. Experiment with different approaches, tactics, and methods to discover the most effective ways to obtain Goo in Enshrouded.


Can Goo be used for anything other than crafting and alchemy in Enshrouded?

While crafting and alchemy are primary uses for Goo in Enshrouded, it may also have other applications, such as unlocking hidden passages, deciphering ancient runes, or interacting with certain NPCs or objects in the game world.

Are there any risks or dangers associated with obtaining Goo in Enshrouded?

Yes, depending on the method of acquisition, obtaining Goo in Enshrouded may carry risks or dangers. For example, harvesting from flora and fauna could attract hostile creatures, while mining in caves or underground areas may expose players to environmental hazards or traps.

Can Goo be traded or exchanged with other players in Enshrouded?

Yes, players can trade or exchange Goo with other players in Enshrouded through trading, bartering, or the in-game marketplace. Engaging in trade and commerce offers opportunities for players to obtain Goo from others who may have acquired it through different means.

Are there any tips or strategies for efficiently obtaining Goo in Enshrouded?

To efficiently obtain Goo in Enshrouded, consider focusing on exploration, completing quests and challenges, investing in gathering tools, participating in trade and commerce, forming alliances with other players, managing your resources efficiently, and adapting your strategies based on changing circumstances and opportunities in the game world.


Goo is a valuable and versatile resource in Enshrouded, possessing unique properties that make it indispensable for various crafting, alchemical, and exploration purposes. By understanding the sources of Goo, implementing effective strategies for acquisition, and optimizing their exploration, resource management, and interaction with NPCs and other players, adventurers can increase their chances of obtaining Goo and unlocking its full potential.