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Enshrouded – How to Use Glider


In the vast and dangerous world of Enshrouded, survival often depends on the ability to traverse the terrain quickly and efficiently. One invaluable tool for accomplishing this is the glider, a device that allows players to soar through the air and cover great distances with ease. In this guide, we will explore the mechanics of the glider and provide tips on how to use it effectively in your journey through Enshrouded.

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Understanding the Glider

The glider is a versatile tool that allows players to glide through the air using wind currents. It consists of a lightweight frame and a fabric wing that catches the wind, providing lift. The glider is an essential tool for navigating Enshrouded’s vast landscapes, allowing players to reach high vantage points, cross large gaps, and evade danger from above.

How to Craft the Glider

The Glider can be crafted using the Workbench. But perhaps you have to save the Blacksmith first. The NPC tells you about the new tools you can make in addition to giving you more quests.

Enshrouded - How to Use Glider

Whatever the situation, after you have a Workbench in your base and are aware of the Glider blueprint, you should locate the following supplies:

  • 8x Shroud Wood: Cut down rotting trees in places where shroud is present. For more advice, see our article on surviving Shroud.
  • 2x times as much animal fur as you come across, dropped by sheep, wolves, and other creatures.
  • 2x String: To make String, gather Plant Fiber from the shrubbery and utilize the Manual Crafting menu.
  • With places cloaked with shroud, cursed enemies drop two Shroud Spores.

How to Use the Glider

I’ll say it again: make sure you have the glider equipped in the Character screen before using it in Enshrouded. On the left, there’s a designated spot for your glider. After your glider is loaded, all you have to do is press the Jump button while in the air to turn it on whenever you want.

As a result, the glider wings will unfold, enabling you to glide gently downward and maybe cover large distances quickly. But while your glider is in use, your stamina will gradually run out. When it does, the glider will deactivate, sending you falling the remaining distance.

Enshrouded - How to Use Glider

Enshrouded’s fall damage is quite severe, so if you plan to glide a long way, make sure your stamina bar is full—ideally boosted by consuming water and utilizing other consumables! To deliberately disable your glider, just press and hold the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON or B while the glider is in the deployed position. You can turn it on again while you’re still falling, so don’t worry!


Can the glider be used indefinitely, or does it have a limited duration?

The glider has a limited duration and will eventually run out of energy. Keep an eye on its energy meter and plan your glides accordingly.

Are there any upgrades or enhancements available for the glider?

Yes, there are various upgrades and enhancements available for the glider, such as increased durability, faster gliding speed, and improved maneuverability. These upgrades can be found or crafted using the appropriate materials.

Can the glider be used in combat, or is it strictly for transportation?

While the glider is primarily used for transportation, it can be used strategically in combat to gain high ground or evade enemies. However, using the glider in combat leaves you vulnerable, so use it wisely.

What happens if I run out of energy mid-glide?

If you run out of energy mid-glide, the glider will lose lift and you will begin to descend rapidly. Try to find a safe landing spot as quickly as possible to avoid injury.

Can the glider be repaired if it gets damaged?

Yes, the glider can be repaired using the appropriate materials at a crafting station. Keep an eye on its durability and repair it regularly to ensure it remains in working order.

Are there any tips for finding and using wind currents to extend my glide?

Look for visual cues such as swirling leaves or dust clouds to identify wind currents. Position yourself in the path of the wind current to gain altitude and extend your glide. Adjust your pitch and roll to stay within the current and maximize your glide distance.