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Enshrouded – How to Get Metal Scraps


Finding Enshrouded’s metal scraps requires some creativity, but you’ll need lots of them to create stronger tools and gear early in the survival game. You can make better tools, armor, and weapons once you start gathering metal scraps. After you meet the Blacksmith, you can even start smelting the scrap metal into metal sheets to have access to even better gear. You will learn how to obtain metal scraps in enshrouded by reading this article:

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What are Metal Scraps for in Enshrouded?

Several significant early-game crafting recipes require metal scraps, such as the Shabby Pickaxe required for amber farming and nearly all other tool upgrades that convert an item from stone to metal.

Metal Scrap Locations

Metal scraps are available in a number of places. Some locations, nevertheless, have a lot of it. Among them are:

Enshrouded - How to Get Metal Scraps

  • Particularly, Braelyn Bridge is a great place to get metal scraps. There are plenty of them here for players to discover as they explore.
  • Another great source for metal scraps is Longkeep. By traveling to their first home base in the west, players can find this region.

Get Metal Scraps by Looting Scavengers

Human adversaries known as scavengers typically wear large, pointed helmets or hoods, and they nearly always drop Metal Scraps when they are killed. Scavengers are the opponents you encounter when looking for the Blacksmith, so take advantage of the opportunity to plunder them!

Enshrouded - How to Get Metal Scraps

The little village known as Rookmore, located just west of Braelyn Bridge, is the most convenient location to farm Metal Scraps from Scavengers at the start of Enshrouded. Since you need a grappling hook to cross the bridge, descend into the Shroud below and proceed west to locate Rookmore.

Enshrouded - How to Get Metal Scraps

We advise you to acquire the Sneak Attack skill so you can use a bow to kill the Scavengers from a distance or to sneak up on them and take them out covertly. However, because the Scavengers at Rookmore are very low level, killing them in melee combat shouldn’t be too difficult; just watch out for their grouping up on you.

Enshrouded - How to Get Metal Scraps

When you exit the game and reload your save, chests, destructible objects, and enemies occasionally reset. If you need a lot of Metal Scraps, you can use this method to farm them at Rookmore. Alternatively, you can wait for natural respawning to occur in-game for a few days.


Where do you get metal scraps in Enshrouded?

When you defeat most Scavenger foes, they drop metal scraps. Although you usually only receive one or two scraps from each Scavenger, this accumulates when you begin raiding Scavenger camps. Metal scraps can also be obtained through disassembling or breaking any metal object.

Where can I get spark Enshrouded?

Flame Shrines and Sanctums are the only places in Embervale where sparks can be produced.

How many players are in Enshrouded?

Discover a large world, defeat tough enemies, construct opulent halls, and pave your own course in this cooperative survival action role-playing game for up to 16 players.

How do I join friends Enshrouded?

Click the ‘Play’ button on the world you want to play in with your friends after choosing the one and adjusting the maximum number of players you want to join. If you don’t want outsiders to join, then create a password.

Is there PvP in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a survival game without player-versus-player gameplay, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t methods to harm other players. Even though player contact is entirely cooperative, there have been allegations of some evil things being done during multiplayer games.