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Enshrouded – How to Get Resin


Resin is one of the harder materials to locate in Enshrouded, but it’s necessary to construct useful tools and equipment like the Staff and to improve Flame Altars. However, because it’s not immediately necessary, the game doesn’t indicate where to get it, and it occasionally drops at random, it can be challenging to figure out how to obtain it. This post will describe how to obtain resin in encased:

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How to Get Resin

Resin is one of the hardest materials in Enshrouded because you have to cut down big trees to get it, and it’s not a sure drop. Resin can be obtained from trees of any size, although since huge trees are much more likely to drop it, we advise avoiding little ones when farming.

Enshrouded - How to Get Resin

We obtained six Resins by cutting down fifteen medium-sized and large trees surrounding the beginning foundation to give you an idea of its rareness. Remember that you can exit the game to the main menu, reload your save to respawn the trees, and continue farming Resin if you come across a cluster of trees that drop the substance.

Enshrouded - How to Get Resin

If you’re not in a hurry to obtain it, you may also wait a few days for the trees to respawn naturally in-game. At the start of the game, you’ll probably only be able to obtain common wood by felling trees, so be sure to create an axe and chop down any larger trees you come across to store Resin for later.

With these, you may make an axe:

  • Twigs x4
  • Stone x1
  • String x1

Enshrouded - How to Get Resin

We advise building a better axe wherever possible to cut down on the amount of time and energy needed when farming for resin. Investing in the Survivor skill tree is also advised if you want to increase your stamina consumption and recharge rate by gaining access to the Runner and Rebound benefits.

How to Use Resin

In Enshrouded, resin is used in a lot of crafting recipes. Here’s a summary of the resin requirements for the most popular resin crafting recipes in case you’re wondering:

Enshrouded - How to Get Resin

  • Lighting: four resin lights. Although it’s not necessary for every kind of light source, resin is needed to make wall torches, standing torches, and other kinds of lamps. A resin stack will help you light up your base, unless you like to live in complete darkness.
  • Rising Fighter armor set: ten pieces of resin. Stronger than rags or fur armour, this is an excellent early-game suit of armor.
  • Employees: two resins. A must-craft weapon for anyone planning a wizard build.
  • Fireball I: ten resin pieces. Excellent for mages in the early game. This spell requires a staff to be cast.


Can you buy Fragile Resin?

They can obtain one Fragile Resin by using this dessert. But don’t be concerned. By doing this, players will not forfeit their cake. In addition, bundles containing Fragile Resins and other resources can be purchased with real money.

Can you craft Condensed Resin?

Players can create Condensed Resin at any Alchemy station when they have gained the schematic by earning Liyue Reputation Level 3. However, it does require a combination of Original Resin and Crystal Cores, which are more uncommon goods.

What is the difference between Fragile Resin and Condensed Resin?

That is a different story with fragile resins. In essence, they just replenish the amount of Original Resin you originally had. Saying that isn’t as easy as doing it, though, as they’re even harder to locate than Condensed Resins. These can only be obtained via story missions, events, or the battle pass.

Can we convert resin to Fragile Resin?

Upon reaching specific Adventure rank level-ups (12, 14, 16, 18, 20-49), you will receive brittle resin as a prize. Fragile resin can be purchased once a week for 980 genesis crystals. Restore 60 pieces of original resin using delicate resin. Condensed resin can then be made from original resin.