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Enshrouded – How to Make a Rake


When done incorrectly, landscaping in Enshrouded can seem like a laborious task. In Enshrouded, there are a lot of things to manufacture, and you never know when you’ll need them. Something you once threw away can suddenly become necessary, and locating at that precise moment might become impossible. You will learn how to make a rake in enshrouded by reading this article:

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How to Make a Rake

Once you unlock the Blacksmith at Level 2, you can make a simple rake using the recipe available very early in the game. You must build a workbench and gather wood logs, stone, and strings to obtain it. When you acquire these resources and interact with your Workbench, you should see the Rake recipe next to the Glider, Grappling Hook, and Storage options under the Survival category.

Enshrouded - How to Make a Rake

The inability of players to access the basic Rake recipe in their private worlds is still a problem as of this writing. If this is happening to you, take these actions:

  • Let’s get the Journal open.
  • Click on the Workshops tab.
  • Choose Workbench.
  • Once you reach the Rake recipe, scroll down.
  • Pin the recipe.

After completing this, the Rake should appear on each of your bench. If the recipe is still not visible in the Journal, your best option could be to join an arbitrary public world and see if the Rake recipe is present in the Workbenches there. Examine the current Workbenches inside that realm, or create your own. Try a new server if the Rake is still absent.

How to Upgrade Your Rake

You must obtain more Blacksmith crafting recipes in order to enhance your Rake. You can upgrade your standard rake to a Scrappy rake, which has a better maximum durability stat because it’s built of Metal Scraps, once you craft a Forge. After you reach a tech milestone, be sure to visit the Blacksmith as he will also have Better Rakes available.

Enshrouded - How to Make a Rake

How to Fix Rake Error

You cannot obtain a Rake if you do not craft one before your character in Enshrouded reaches level five. You can receive the Scrappy Rake at the Blacksmith, but you need a standard Rake to get there. Although it shouldn’t, you are now prevented from creating a normal Rake.

To create a standard Rake in Enshrouded, you must head to your Workbench and grab the necessary supplies. You can’t make a standard Rake once your character reaches level five. I have firsthand experience with this Rake problem therefore, I know how to resolve it.

Making a new character and entering your world is the simplest approach to resolve this Rake problem in Enshrouded. Get to the Workbench by going to your base. Create a Rake, put it in a chest, then go back to the main menu. You can find the Rake by returning to your world and switching back to your primary character.

Enshrouded - How to Make a Rake

You might have to create a new character and a new planet if this doesn’t work. Creating a Flame Altar, Workbench, and Rake doesn’t take long, so don’t worry. After obtaining the Rake, go back to the main menu and start playing in your primary environment. Give the Rake to your main character, drop it in a chest, and you’ll have the Rake. You can now upgrade to the Scrappy Rake right away.


Is Enshrouded offline?

While it is possible to play the game offline and in cooperative mode, we strongly advise players to gather a group of friends—up to 16—before venturing into the Shroud. Simply put, it’s more enjoyable.

Is there PVP in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded is a survival game without player-versus-player gameplay, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t methods to harm other players. Although player contact is entirely cooperative, there have been allegations of some evil activities occurring during multiplayer sessions.

Can you play Enshrouded demo with friends?

Since Enshrouded is an open-world cooperative survival game, playing with friends is just as much of an adventure as exploring Embervale alone. All the information you require to either host or join a world is available on this page, enabling your group to work together to overcome the fog.