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European Media Firm Keleops Acquires Gizmodo, Vows to Keep Entire Editorial Team


In a significant development within the tech media landscape, European media company Keleops has acquired the popular tech-news site Gizmodo. The deal, which was finalized earlier this week, marks a new chapter for Gizmodo, a site well-regarded for its comprehensive coverage of technology, science, and culture.

Keleops, a rapidly expanding media conglomerate based in Europe, has assured that Gizmodo’s entire editorial staff will be retained. This decision aims to maintain the continuity and integrity of the content that has made Gizmodo a trusted source for millions of readers worldwide.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gizmodo to the Keleops family,” said Marie Dubois, CEO of Keleops, in a press statement. “Gizmodo’s unique voice and dedication to high-quality journalism align perfectly with our mission to provide insightful and engaging content. We are committed to supporting the talented team at Gizmodo and ensuring they have the resources they need to continue their excellent work.”

The acquisition is part of Keleops’ broader strategy to expand its digital media portfolio and strengthen its presence in the technology news sector. Gizmodo, founded in 2002, has built a strong reputation for its in-depth reporting on the latest gadgets, tech trends, and scientific breakthroughs. The site has a dedicated following and is known for its critical analysis and thought-provoking articles.

Editorial staff at Gizmodo have expressed optimism about the acquisition. “We are excited to embark on this new journey with Keleops,” said Gizmodo’s editor-in-chief, John Biggs. “Their commitment to journalistic integrity and innovation is inspiring. This partnership will provide us with new opportunities to grow and reach even more readers while staying true to our editorial mission.”

Keleops’ acquisition of Gizmodo is expected to bring fresh investment into the platform, potentially enabling new features and expanded coverage areas. Industry analysts have noted that this move could enhance Gizmodo’s competitive edge in the crowded tech news market.

While financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, the deal underscores Keleops’ strategic efforts to diversify its media holdings and capitalize on the growing demand for quality tech journalism. This acquisition follows a series of strategic purchases by Keleops, as the firm continues to build a robust portfolio of media assets across Europe and beyond.

As Gizmodo integrates into the Keleops family, readers can anticipate a seamless transition with continued access to the incisive, engaging content they have come to expect. The retention of the entire editorial team ensures that Gizmodo’s distinctive voice and editorial direction will remain intact, providing stability and continuity for its audience.

The media industry will be watching closely as Keleops and Gizmodo move forward together, potentially setting new standards in tech journalism and digital media innovation.