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Mortal Kombat 1 – PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue Guide


Mortal Kombat 1 has new fighting systems, game modes, and deaths. A new feature in MK1 is “Kameos,” which lets you choose which soldiers you enlist to aid you in battle. You can get Kameos after finishing the single-player Invasion Klues game. After obtaining the Bloody Fangs key item, players can unlock the Locked Gate in the Rampart Mesa to reach the Punchable Face Node. There, they will find the PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue, an anagram of Hip Hop Warrior and one of the more obscure Klues in the game. By reading this tutorial, you will gain knowledge about the PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue guide in Mortal Kombat 1:

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What Are the Klues in the MK1 Invasion?

Klues are unique, hidden puzzles found at specific locations throughout Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasions mode. You must solve each Klue’s riddle and then carry out specific activities throughout the match to solve them.

Solving the PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue

Players must assume the role of Reiko to solve the PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue. 50 jumps later, they have to battle Havik. It’s a good idea to jump slightly higher than that just to be safe. A few players have expressed dissatisfaction with having to redo the node since their jump counts were incorrect.

Mortal Kombat 1 - PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue Guide

Players should consider utilizing an attack-boosting konsumable before starting the battle, as they will probably be jumping around more than really dealing damage in the opening few minutes of the fight. Thankfully, players do not need to deplete Havik’s two health bars to win this game; instead, they can win as long as they have more health remaining than Havik does when the timer goes out.

What are the Rewards for PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue

Mortal Kombat 1 - PHI PHO WIRRAOR Klue Guide

Players will not receive a skin When they finish the PHI PHO WIRRAOR clue. They will, however, receive a couple of interesting cosmetics, like Nitara’s Night Teeth and ‘Til Death palettes. In addition, they will receive a massive 1,000 Seasonal Kredits, which can be used in the Seasonal Store, along with a Legendary relic. However, gamers must spend their seasonal Kredits before it’s too late because they will expire after the season.


What is acid reflux in MK1 Season 2?

Perform Reptile’s Indigestion fatality if you want to finish the ACID REFLUX Klue in the Tarkatan Colony’s Bad Timing node.

How do you remove obstacles in MK1 invasion?

There will be certain combat encounter nodes in each level of Invasion that lead to chests, but there will be obstacles in the way. Trying to interpret and solve the encounter’s related clue is the only way to get over that obstacle.

What are the clues for in MK1 invasion mode?

There are a lot of Klues in Season 2 of Invasions Mode that players may encounter. They can unlock a nearby treasure box full of Skins, Palettes, and other fantastic items by solving them.

How do you clear debris in MK1 invasion?

The encounter is titled “Broken” and features an odd hint that reads “AMNISLTA4.” You’ll need a talisman with at least four charges in order to get beyond the rubble and reach the chest because the clue is an anagram that reads “Talisman4.” You will need to make four uses of your talisman during the battle.

How do you get Havik in MK1?

Upon completing Mortal Kombat 1’s story mode, Havik will become a playable Kombatant. This can be done at any level of difficulty. After winning the last battle, you’ll get access to Havik and a ton of additional goods as compensation for your trouble.

Who is Sub-Zero in MK1?

Bi-Han, the first Sub-Zero, is the one who killed Scorpion. Kuai Liang, the brother of Bi-Han, received the designation of Sub-Zero after Scorpion exacted his retribution. Later on, Bi-Han returned as Noob Saibot. In MK1, Bi-Han will be Sub-Zero, which makes sense given that the timeline is just getting started.