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Exoprimal – How to See Abilities


Capcom’s highly anticipated third-person shooter, Exoprimal, debuted on PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5 last week. Exoprimal gives players ten distinct exosuits to use in the fight against the dinosaur invasion but strangely obscures the abilities of the exosuits. In this competitive game, two teams compete against each other to do the tasks set by the sophisticated AI, Leviathan, while attempting to avoid the many dangers the game poses. You will learn how to recognize skills in exoprimal in this article:

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How Many Abilities Does Each Suit Have?

Because every suit has the same amount of abilities triggered by the same button presses, players unfamiliar with an Exosuit can still utilize its skills by simply understanding the fundamental button layout. Each Exosuit has one rig, one craft choice, and five active skills. Depending on the class and Exosuit being worn, the remaining three active skills include a variety of offensive, defensive, and evasive techniques. The primary weapon attack makes up one of the five skills. The overdrive ability makes up the other two.

Exoprimal - How to See Abilities

The following are the button prompts (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation);

  • Primary attack: R2 / RT / Left Click
  • Active Skill 1: L2 / LT / Right Click
  • Active Skill 2: L1 / RB / E
  • Active Skill 3: R1 / RT / Q
  • Rig Skill: Triangle / Y / X
  • Place Craft Item: Circle / B / Left Ctrl
  • Overdrive Ability: Triangle+Circle / Y+B / Z

Players can also check the ability icons in the bottom-right corner of the screen while playing if they are unsure which button corresponds with the prompt. This will display the available skills, the buttons to press, and any pertinent countdowns during the cooldown period of an ability.

How to Check Abilities

Every exosuit has special capabilities that enable them to be effective in various situations. If you’re new to the game or trying out a new character, you should research the talents and abilities that your selected exosuit offers. Here’s how to assess your skills in Exoprimal: In the Suit Details screen of Dino Survival, you can check the capabilities of your exosuit by pressing down on the d-pad or F1 on the keyboard.

Exoprimal - How to See Abilities

To view the specifics of any exosuit, including any associated modules and abilities, select the Hangar tab from the main menu. Upon accessing the Suit Details menu, you are able to examine the button mappings and read descriptions for every talent.


Will Exoprimal be free to play?

During a Free Weekend, Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One users can play Exoprimal for free. Everything is playable during the Free Weekend, with the exception of downloadable content. The full edition of Exoprimal can be purchased using the same account that was used to play, allowing all saved data from the Free Weekend to be transferred over.

Is Exoprimal multiplayer only?

Since this is a multiplayer-only game and lacks a true single-player feature, you’ll generally be better off hanging out with your pals than relying on the matchmaking systems.

Who is the best character in Exoprimal?

With his combination of mobility, incredible damage, and a crazy ultimate and kit, Barrage is the greatest character in the game and can virtually solo any lobby with the appropriate handling.

What is the strongest Exosuit in Exoprimal?

This makes the Barrage Exosuit the greatest of its kind since it can easily dispatch foes and do enormous quantities of damage. Although the main focus of this exosuit is AOE damage, it may also be quite effective against smaller opponents and single targets.

What is the best suit in Exoprimal?

S-Rank: The Superior Of The Superior. The S-Rank is occupied by four exosuits at the moment. The finest of the best are Barrage, Deadeye, Nimbus, and Krieger, who all tower over the opposition.