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Factors to Consider When Choosing Shower Enclosures


Shower enclosures can be seen as both a necessity and a fixture that gives off a luxurious look. They can be show-stoppers and also provide you with the functionality of keeping areas of your bathroom dry. There are different designs and styles of shower enclosures. Whatever type you’ll choose will have some effect on its functionality and design. The good thing is there are factors you can put some thought into so you can select the right shower enclosure for you and your bathroom.


Shower enclosures can come in different shapes. It can be a half or full circle, square, rectangular, half or full octagon, and such. The form you choose can dictate what vibe it will have and how it can add to the room’s overall appearance. Square and rectangular shower enclosures are the most common types installed in bathrooms. They suit modern-looking and traditional bathrooms with their edgy and neat design. Curved enclosures are seen with classical and vintage-style bathrooms. You’ll also want to consider how comfortable you feel when showering inside the particular shape of shower enclosure you’ll be choosing.


The shower enclosure’s prince and your budget go hand-in-hand as the two factors you should never overlook. Your budget will dictate what shower enclosures will be available for you. Often, the higher the price is, the better quality you’ll get from it. Still, with a great variety of options you have, there are suitable quality shower enclosures even at affordable prices. You can check these out at Victoria Plum and discover various designs available for the different price ranges.


Are you choosing a shower enclosure for a bathroom layout to be constructed in the future, or are you installing one in an existing bathroom? One of the primary considerations for people buying shower enclosures is what type would fit well with the bathroom style they have in mind. As mentioned above, shower enclosures can steal the show in your bathroom. They’re often seen as the centrepiece.

Size and Bathroom space

You should always consider the bathroom space you have for the shower enclosure you will be selecting. Can it have doors that would open or would the door bump into something? A sliding door for it can be the solution. If you’re also trying to save space, you can opt for a corner shower enclosure. A popular shower enclosure type is the quadrant style where it’s D-shaped and installed in corners. They usually have sliding doors.

Water Leakage

One way to keep a bathroom clean, organised, relaxing, and refreshing is keeping it dry. Without a shower enclosure, the floor can get wet all over the place, and rugs may stay damp all the time. This can cause an unpleasing odour and feeling. An essential quality a shower enclosure must have is preventing any water from splashing or dripping through it because if not, it would not have served its purpose. 

These are the things you must keep in check in choosing a shower enclosure. Also, you shouldn’t forget your preference and whether you’ll be satisfied with a particular shower enclosure style. The right shower enclosure will always be one that would never feel cramped, is within your budget, adds perfectly to the overall design of your bathroom, and how you’ll be able to enjoy your showers in it.


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