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Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley – How to


Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley

There are a wide range of creatures that players can bring up in Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley. Out of all them, chickens are no doubt many players’ first creature in-game because of the overall inexpensiveness of a coop made distinctly for chickens. Chickens in Stardew Valley produce eggs and enormous eggs. The size and nature of these eggs are subject to the happiness of every chicken, which is influenced by in case they’re taken care of, warm, and pet by the player. Feeding the chickens anyway can be a secret for more current players to the game.

In Stardew Valley, you’ll have the option to raise up a variety of ranch animals that will do your sweet, sweet bidding for you. One such creature is the chicken. These Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley adorable little fowls can give you an egg each day, inasmuch as you keep them solid and cheerful obviously.

Livestock are a crucial asset in Stardew Valley, and they’re helpful by providing you with valuable assets you would have to buy somewhere else, similar as the fishing lakes Build a Stardew Valley Silo. A livestock you need to obtain for your property are chickens, so you can get together their helpful eggs, which you can use in an assortment of plans.

All things considered, chickens will be the principal creature you’ll need to deal with in Stardew Valley. They’re straightforward creatures, insofar as they’re glad they’ll deliver Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley each day that you would then be able to transform into Mayonnaise, the more joyful you keep them the almost certain they are to deliver excellent eggs.

How to Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley

When you forget to check on your chickens for ages!: StardewValley

In request to feed it within the coop, on suppose a rainy day, you’re going to require feed. This can be bought from Marnie’s for 50 gold each and can be hidden away within a Silo Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley when you cut pieces of sod with your sickle. The Silo auto tops off the contraption with your feed, so it’s definitely clever to claim.

When you have feed, just go in and stroll over to the wooden region where it seems as though creatures would feed from on the upper right corner of the room. Spot the roughage there and your chickens will be prepared to live.

They’ll feed on it themselves at whatever point they need to, so try to return in and check whether there’s any requirement for additional. This strategy gets extravagant, obviously. So the most ideal approach to feed them is still to simply have patches of grass and letting them free.

Feeding Chickens

The main day that you don’t need to stress over feeding your in-game Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley is the day on which they bring forth and the day you buy them. From that point on you will consistently need to feed and pet them so their happiness doesn’t diminish thus they will not quit producing eggs. You can utilize eggs to then make and sell mayonnaise. On the off chance that you’d prefer to know the amount it sells for just as other craftsman merchandise, look at our aide that rundowns the cost of all craftsman products.


Grass is the thing that chickens love to eat the most. In the event that they have grass accessible to them, they’ll pick it over feed. You can feed your chickens grass by planting some grass starter outside and letting it spread so there’s sufficient nourishment for every one of them. Then, at that point, open the coop entryway so they can get outside and they’ll joyfully appreciate it.

Shockingly, chickens don’t go outside in the Winter and grass doesn’t develop during this season either so that is the point at which you’ll need to turn to feeding them roughage.

Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley


The other option is feed. Continuously have some roughage put something aside for winter, and in the event that you run out of grass for the chickens to eat on your homestead. There are two different ways of getting feed.

You can get feed by purchasing it from Marnie’s Ranch. Her farm is situated on the northeastern side of Cindersap Forest and it’s open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., consistently aside from Mondays, Tuesdays, Fall 18, and Winter 18. She sells each piece of feed for 50 gold. This can get very costly so you should consider getting a storehouse before Winter begins.

One more approach to get roughage is by asking Feed Chickens in Stardew Valley you a storehouse. This way you can gather your own feed. This will save you huge amount of cash once winter comes. There is a 50 percent chance that you’ll reap 1 Hay when cutting grass with a Scythe, 75 percent in case you’re using a Golden Scythe. The roughage will consequently be moved to the storehouse. There is additionally a 40 percent opportunity to get feed in case you’re harvesting Wheat.