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Final Fantasy XVI – How to Get Darksteel


For nearly the whole game, players of Final Fantasy 16 will only play as one character. One of the many materials found in Final Fantasy 16 is darksteel, which is especially necessary to make the formidable sword Gotterdammerung. For many players, getting this uncommon material can be a difficult undertaking. You can learn how to obtain darksteel in Final Fantasy 16 by reading this article:

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Getting Darksteel By Defeating Thanatos

By taking down Thanatos, one of the A-rank Notorious Marks, you can obtain Darksteel. However, don’t forget to unlock it on the Hunt board—which you can access after finishing the Brotherhood story quest—before you go looking for it.

Thanatos is located in Titan’s Wake, which is close to the Dhalmekia region. It has the ability to launch a strong laser beam and leap into the air before colliding with you. This frightening monster will drop Darksteel, along with an abundance of Gil, Experience Points, Ability Points, and Renown.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Darksteel

Getting Darksteel by Defeating Prince Of Death

The Prince of Death is an additional A-rank Notorious Mark that you can acquire Darksteel by defeating. Once you have finished the first Under New Management quest, you can access the Under New Management II side quest, which is required to spawn this enemy on the Hunt board.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Darksteel

Grim Reaper, Prince of Death, can be found in Northreach, which is in the Sanbreque region, once you’ve completed both quests. Now, vanquish the monster and reap the rewards with more Darksteel! In Final Fantasy 16, there are just two methods available to obtain Darksteel. To acquire the fabled sword Gotterdammerung, present the blacksmith with these two pieces of Darksteel.

How To Use Darksteel

There are just two Darksteel in the game, and in order to obtain them, you must defeat both of the formidable enemies. Then, in order to obtain the crafting instructions for a legendary sword, players must finish the Blacksmith Blues IV quest.

Final Fantasy XVI - How to Get Darksteel

Gotterdammerung can be created by those who finish the quest and possess the Darksteel. To begin with, players will require one Primitive Battlehorn, two Darksteel, three Orichalcum, and the Ragnarok sword. This is a fully realized recipe, but the fight is well worth the effort.


How do you unlock Prince of Death in FF16?

Once you’ve finished the Under New Management side quest in Final Fantasy 16, you can access the Grim Reaper Hunt Board Bounty, which will lead you to the Prince of Death, an enemy.

How to craft Ultima Weapon FF16?

Making the Ultima Weapon will be necessary. At Cid’s Hideaway’s Forge, Clive can craft the Ultima Weapon, but first he needs to bring three specific materials to the blacksmith. Clive must obtain one Ragnarok Sword, one Utterance of Creation, and three Ultima Weapon Crafting materials, specifically.

Is there a romance in Final Fantasy 16?

Though the storyline of Final Fantasy 16 is expected to be darker and more mature, there will still be romantic themes present.

How do you unlock Thanatos in FF16?

In Final Fantasy 16, where can one find Thanatos, the Usher to the Underworld? Before going to the hideaway, players must advance to the Brotherhood main quest in order to locate this specific hunt. The hunt will lead players to Dhalemkia after they have spoken with Nektar, where Thanatos is waiting for them at Titan’s Wake.

Is Leviathan in FF16?

Because Leviathan isn’t included in the main story, it can be obtained through a Final Fantasy 16 DLC pack. What happened to The Fallen, the other lost civilization in the game that appears to have had advanced technology, is another significant mystery.