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Fish Fixe Shark Tank Update


We will be discussing about seafood, as seafood can be expensive and sometimes difficult to buy. You have to use good tricks in order to cook it well. Fish Fixe Seafood delivery service update is now going on.

Shark tank season 12 in 2020 started and it is going so well with the lifetime sales of worth $2.1M. It also got brought another investor to expand their business by having venues and festivals. As they are adding more colors and keychains to their product line.

Here is the recent tweet from their show what a successful event it was. It was a great night in the tank with some of the amazing entrepreneurs.

Services that fish fixe is providing to their customers include:

Finding the best

To ensure their customers get high quality premium proteins fish fixe provides best quality seafood so you can always get back to them and order again. They give you the seasonally picked seafood proteins delivery to your door step.

Packing and picking up the box for you

They provide fresh and frozen seafood and you have your choice to customize your box or you can just ask them to do it for you.

Delivering it to their customers

You get the delivery right at your doorstep which makes it possible to have it anytime you want it wherever you want it.

The  aim of fish fixe is that 80% of american do not ear enough of seafood so they want to fix it and give them high quality of seafood protein.

One of the best thing about fish fixe is that they give you delicious recipes to cook seafood on their website.