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Gambling Tips That Will Never Work With Online Casinos


For a lot of casino players, both seasoned experts and rookies, the concept of gambling tips is such a touchy subject that many of them haven’t quite figured out exactly where they stand. People always seem to be trying their hand at beating the house, but as the games of luck themselves, it’s a complicated trade that is full of uncertainty.

Rather than trying to best the house at its own game, the more practical players and so-called casino gurus usually advise players to focus on bankroll management and taking advantage of a casino bonus Ice Casino. It offers plenty of lucrative offers that unlock more money-making opportunities for the luckiest players.

Nonetheless, there are certain gambling tips that you can use to improve your chances of winning, especially for brick-and-mortar casino players. Indeed, some avid land-based casino gamblers have been known to use effective techniques that end up landing them some pretty impressive wins. But then, when it comes to online casinos, it is an entirely different ball game. Here’s a highlight of some of the gambling tips that will never work with online casinos.

The Concept of “Hot” and “Cold” Slots

The categorization of slots, according to the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ logic, is based on the recent payouts of the said slots. The slots that have been seen to pay out more recently are often referred to as hot slots. Those deemed to have paid out little are referred to as cold slots.

I mean, one really wouldn’t fault this school of thought from slot players. The idea of knowing what you are likely to be paid when playing a particular slot is not only reassuring but also quite exciting. The assumption by many people is that the casinos can change something to create a favorable outcome, such that the machine is more likely to pay.

Hot and cold pundits further argue that the casinos control the chips that run the machines. Yet, no one has ever come out with conclusive proof that this is possible. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of misconception that will get you nowhere, especially if you are an online casino player. Remember, online casino slots use Random Number Generators (RNGs), meaning that the outcomes are 100% random, based on pure chance. Therefore, the “hot-cold” trick does not work in this instance.

The Roulette Wheel Bias Trick

Even in the brick-and-mortar casino experience, leave alone the online one, roulette is the one game people have found hard to crack. The wheel bias involves a painstaking factor for this so-called ‘trick’ to work out. You’ll need to put in numerous hours for you to even stand a chance of making it work. The wheel bias trick goes against the basic roulette rule that its wheel produces random results. It requires that you have continuously recorded data from the wheel to notice a favored pattern. Upon finding the favored pattern or pocket, you can then bet on it.

Here’s why this concept wouldn’t work out in online casinos. It depends on documenting and noting down the imperfections of the wheel. However, in online casinos, there isn’t a physical roulette wheel unless you are playing live roulette. Even so, this would take ages of observation to put into use, without the surety that you’ll come out with anything. Also, while you are taking advantage of the so-called flaw in the wheel, don’t you think the developers of the game wouldn’t have noticed it too?

Card Counting in Online Casinos

We’ve all seen it in movies: a cool guy walks into a casino and takes the blackjack table by storm, leaving everyone bewildered by his winning streak through impeccable card counting skills. Card counting basically involves keeping track of the high and low-value cards that have been dealt to determine whether the player or the pit boss has an edge in the next hand.

The movies make card counting looks so effortless that you might even want to try out the trick yourself. And what is more impressive than being able to card count in an online casino? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s already near impossible to implement this trick in brick-and-mortar casinos. It would be the stuff of dreams to even think that you could pull it off in an online casino.

Stay Sharp and Hope for Good Luck!

Some of these methods may work out at physical casinos due to a variety of factors. Things like card counting may require that physical advantage to pull off. When it comes to the online side of things, it is all down to how lucky you are. In the online scene, you are certainly better off honing your skills to ensure that you are as fit for play as possible, then leave the rest to Lady Luck!