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Gran Turismo 7 PS5, PS4 User Score the Lowest in PlayStation Exclusive History


To far, Sony’s exclusive Gran Turismo 7 has received the lowest Metacritic user score ever. On the PlayStation 1, it ranks behind games like Cool Boarders 2001 with a score of 2.2, a number that is steadily decreasing. Polyphony Digital has a lot of work to do, according to admirers and haters alike. Gran Turismo 7 had a largely favourable review up until last week, but a slew of unforced blunders has caused its reputation to fall. Fans have taken to Metacritic and other review sites to trash the game after a patch changed the in-game money rewards and finally destroyed it.

At the time of this writing, it has a 2.5/10 User Rating, with many of the harsher reviews coming in the last few days. One individual wrote, “If you are a casual gamer like me, you are f****d.” A few automobiles can only be purchased with real money or an excessive amount of grinding because of the presence of micro transactions. An Internet connection is required for this game. “So the automobiles you can’t buy in real life aren’t cheap in this s**t game either!” said another player. What will happen if you don’t buy any more of Gran Turismo 7? As Kazunori Yamauchi recently stated, he wants the pricing of in-game automobiles to represent their “worth and rarity” on the real world. This is a reference to his comment.

He said, “In Gran Turismo 7 I would want to have consumers experience a large number of vehicles and races even without micro transactions.” It’s also crucial that automobile pricing be related to real-world values, because it reflects the car’s worth and uniqueness, thus I think it’s necessary. If feasible, I’d prefer to avoid making Gran Turismo 7 a game in which the player is forced to mechanically repeat the same events over and over again,” says Hideki Matsumoto. “Farming” places were decreased by as much as half in a recent patch, which may have pushed users toward contentious micro transactions. To buy virtual automobiles in Gran Turismo 7, you must spend real money purchased in the form of Credits.

A rebalancing of the economy may be in the works, but Polyphony Digital can’t reveal its complete strategy right now because of the game’s ongoing development: As time goes on, we’ll let you know how we’ll be resolving this issue with further content, races, and features. I’m sorry I couldn’t go into more detail about this at the moment, but we intend to keep improving Gran Turismo 7 so that as many people as possible may have fun with it…. As the development of Gran Turismo 7 continues, it would be very appreciated if everyone could keep an eye on it over the long term.

To make matters worse, the patch intended to fix the game’s economy wound up crashing the whole thing, forcing players to wait almost 24 hours for their data to be restored. As a result of Polyphony Digital’s poor communication about what was going on, the £70/$70 racer was made almost unusable, even for single-player modes. So now it’s up to the Tokyo-based company to make things right. After all these years, Gran Turismo 7’s release roughly two weeks ago was well praised, and the reviews have been universally good ever since. We believe Polyphony Digital will recover, but this week has served as a stinging reminder for the team’s illustrious history.