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Helldivers 2 – How to Use Railgun


Helldivers 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the cult classic, brings back the intense top-down shooter action with a host of new features and weapons, including the devastating Railgun. This powerful weapon can turn the tide of battle in your favor, but mastering its use requires skill, strategy, and a deep understanding of its mechanics. In this guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know to wield the Railgun effectively and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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Understanding the Railgun

The Railgun is a high-powered, long-range weapon that fires a single, devastating shot capable of taking down even the toughest enemies in one hit. Unlike other weapons in Helldivers 2, the Railgun requires careful aiming and timing to use effectively, but its high damage output makes it a formidable tool in the hands of a skilled player.

Choosing the Right Loadout

Before diving into battle with the Railgun, it’s essential to consider your loadout. The Railgun is a heavy weapon that takes up a significant amount of space in your loadout, so you’ll need to balance it with other weapons and equipment that complement its strengths and cover its weaknesses. For example, pairing the Railgun with a secondary weapon that excels at close-range combat can help you deal with enemies that get too close for comfort.

Helldivers 2 - How to Use Railgun

Mastering Aiming and Timing

One of the key challenges of using the Railgun is its slow firing rate and long reload time. This means that you’ll need to make every shot count and time your shots carefully to maximize their effectiveness. Aiming with the Railgun requires precision, as the projectile travels in a straight line and has no homing capabilities. Practice leading your shots to hit moving targets and aim for weak points on tougher enemies to maximize damage.

Utilizing the Railgun in Different Situations

Helldivers 2 - How to Use Railgun

The Railgun excels in long-range combat, where its high damage output and precision can pick off enemies from a distance. However, it’s also effective in medium-range combat, where its power can help you quickly eliminate threats before they get too close. Be mindful of your surroundings and use cover to your advantage when using the Railgun, as its slow rate of fire leaves you vulnerable to counterattacks.

Coordinating with Your Team

In Helldivers 2, teamwork is key to victory, and coordinating with your team can help you make the most of the Railgun’s capabilities. Communicate with your teammates to coordinate attacks and cover each other’s weaknesses. For example, you can use the Railgun to take out high-priority targets while your teammates provide cover fire or use crowd-control abilities to keep enemies at bay.


Is the Railgun difficult to use compared to other weapons?

The Railgun requires more precision and timing than some other weapons due to its slow firing rate and long reload time. However, with practice, it can become a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Can the Railgun penetrate armor or shields?

Yes, the Railgun’s high damage output allows it to penetrate most armor and shields, making it effective against heavily armored enemies.

How do I deal with the Railgun’s slow reload time in the heat of battle?

It’s essential to plan your shots and take advantage of downtime between enemy waves to reload. You can also use cover to protect yourself while reloading.

What upgrades or modifications can enhance the Railgun’s performance?

Upgrades that reduce reload time or increase damage output can significantly enhance the Railgun’s effectiveness. Additionally, modifications that improve accuracy or reduce recoil can make it easier to aim.

Is the Railgun effective against groups of enemies, or is it better suited for single targets?

While the Railgun is most effective against single targets due to its high damage output, it can still be used to great effect against groups of enemies, especially if they are clustered together.


Mastering the Railgun in Helldivers 2 requires practice, patience, and a strategic mindset. By understanding its mechanics, choosing the right loadout, and coordinating with your team, you can make the Railgun a devastating weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies. So, gear up, dive into battle, and show the galaxy what you’re made of with the Railgun at your side.