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The popularity of vaping has been a mystery for many years. The new trend of the XXI century has boomed after 2004. A lot of changes to technology have been made since then. Vaping has gained loads of fans and plenty of opponents within this time. The number of scientific works on vaping is increasing every month these days.

Society is more aware of vapes and their possible effects than before, which means that the habit is getting more and more ordinary for people. Even nonvapers try to find out something about vaping just for general knowledge and to be able to speak about that. For sure, there also exist those who have no wish to have anything in common with vaping.

Vaping: the Basic Info

In case, you still did not have a chance to know more about vaping, welcome! Vaping is the technology that allows a person to consume nicotine without burning it, which in its turn helps to avoid harmful tars and other products of tobacco burning. The nicotine used in a vaping device is in the form of liquid. There exist various types of liquids. Some contain no nicotine at all, some contain a small amount of nicotine, and some have a high content of the substance. One can choose what fits him best. Despite the dreams of vaping device’s first developer, a Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, vaping can also be harmful.

The most common issue is the quality of e-liquid that one uses for a vape mod. If you buy e-liquid online or in dingy vape shops, you risk buying something which will contain plenty of harmful chemicals. What is more, it was proven that e liquids with flavors are far more dangerous than simple ones. That is because various flavor intensifiers can contain so many different chemicals that it is difficult to forecast their behavior together after being heated. Some of them are not well learned and people do not know it. So make sure you choose a device and e-liquid of high quality.

Vaping and Sleeping

No matter whether you use a cig-a-like or a vape mod, it definitely affects your sleep. Mostly, it is said that sleep deviations are peculiar to those who have just switched from smoking of usual cigarettes to using the vape mods. The good news is that this will never last for a long time. It is just a period of change, which soon comes to an end.

The point why people tend to change from usual cigarettes to vaping devices is that this way they can avoid harmful tars and can control the amount of nicotine that is put into a vape mod. There also can be other reasons for changing from usual cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Some people change to vaping because they enjoy trying something new. Usually, they are just eager to enjoy the benefits of both types of smoking.

The other people do it for health reasons. At the beginning of vaping popularity, they were famous for being a healthy alternative to smoking. Though after a number of researches, the attitude towards its “healthiness” has changed. Vape mods can contain no nicotine and produce no tars, but still, they will contain e-liquid made of various unknown components. While heating or getting evaporated, they can change their positive qualities to harmful ones.

One of the possible sleep changes is that you will go to bed earlier. The point is that once you have stopped consuming nicotine, you have stopped getting a nicotine boost, which is stimulating, similar to the one you get from drinking coffee. That means that stopping smoking should make you less active, less quick, and less awake. So it is not a surprise that during the first couple of days, one might feel sleepy, unfocused, and a bit tired.

However, if you started using e liquid for vape mods with higher content of nicotine, the effects can be quite the opposite. One can find oneself lying in bed till dawn, staring into the ceiling, dreaming about falling asleep, but everything is in vain. The first thing to do is decreasing the amount of vaping sessions a day or choosing an e liquid with a lower content of nicotine. In this case, insomnia should not last for long.

Tips on Improving One’s Sleeping

Here are also some more tips to combat insomnia and simply drop off. If you cannot give up vaping as a process, it would be a good idea to use nicotine free liquid. They are used in the same way but they contain no nicotine, so you can enjoy the habit and avoid damaging your health with the nicotine. That also sounds as a good way out. Nevertheless, one should remember that e liquids can still contain some chemicals that are not good for health.

Moreover, there exist some other ways to improve your sleeping which do not hinge on box mod vape and nicotine consumption. The first one is taking a warm bath with herbal bath salt. Lighting some candles and creating a pleasant atmosphere would be a good idea too. The only point is you have to make sure that you would not need an hour to tidy everything up and spoil the pleasure by doing it. If possible, it is better to tidy up in the morning. So, if you have managed to create an atmosphere of total relax by using some candles, an essential oil burner, and sea salt, you have all chances to sleep as a baby.

Secondly, drinking herbal tea with camomile, pimentary, or spearmint can help a bit. For sure, folk medicine is not the best way to cure serious diseases, but drinking some tea will make no harm. It can also work as a placebo sometimes. Anyway, there is a chance that a rite of drinking some warm herbal tea should help to combat difficulties with falling asleep. If it does not – it is better to consult the doctor.

Thirdly, having walks before sleep and airing your room is also a good idea. However, make sure it is not cold in the room then. If it is -20 out of the window, you should not air too much. If the temperature is ok, just open the window for airing before you go out, have a 30 minutes walk in the closest park, come back, close the window, drink some tea and take a hot bath. Combining all these methods are pleasant and can be helpful.


Vaping was intended to be a boon for those suffering from nicotine addiction. Unluckily, it brought some new challenges to doctors and society. However, it is important to remember that there also exist positive sides of the habit. Talking about the connection between vaping and sleeping, we must remember about extra factors, which may influence the situation. They are stress, season, weather, diet, etc. However, if the reason of your insomnia is vaping and you cannot cut down your nicotine consumption, it is better to consult a doctor to find the best solution.