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How Mouse Using In Proper Way Improve Your Gaming Skills


How Mouse Using In Proper Way Improve Your Gaming Skills

The mouse is one of the vital peripheral devices of the computer. And the quickest operating of this thing will lead your gaming character to the pro level. But many of those guys who are not master in this thing have a fear that they can’t operate mouse fast as compared to others. And this fear stops them from being super user of computer peripherals. So, we here come to overcome this user’s fear and let them know how they can get a grip on the mouse like a super beam.

The portal where all kind of people can perform their practice of mouse using is CPS. And the way of searching this portal is possible using the term namely CPS Test. Sometimes this portal can be searched as Click Per Second Test because it is the full name of that abbreviation. With this amazing tech portal, people can also learn free about keyboard typing. And the two more other great characteristics of this portal are the Jitter click test and the Kohi click test. So, let’s get a complete note about this topic ahead.

Does CPS Test And Kohi Click Test Are Similar?

CPS Test has a different kind of time duration. Like 5 seconds Test, 10 Seconds Test, 15 Second Test, which is up to 100 seconds. But especially if you want directly 10 seconds CPS Test then you can look out it directly on WWW using the term Kohi Click Test. Thus, this is the simple use of this word to reach out to the 10 Seconds click test.  And you can say that this is the alternative term to reach out the 10 seconds CPSTest.

What Are The Uses Of the CPS Portal?

CPS test is categorized portal of virtual click counter. That is basically used as a virtual counter of mouse clicks. The guys who land this portal can use it for counting their total number of clicks. The user performs continuous clicks on the portal click area dashboard and counter return the result with the final score. And that score is calculated based on the below formula.

CPS Counter Score = User Total Clicks Of Mouse / Total Time Taken For That Number Of Clicks

Other Features That You Should Check

Like mouse test, one more amazing gaming type entertaining feature is given there. And this feature or functionality name is Keyboard Typing Test. With this latest technology features, users can grow their speed of typing. Thus, these all are the gaming-type online learning resources that you can use with great entertainment.  Also, one more functionality that you should check of this portal is the Jitter click test which is similar to Kohi Click Test.


We all like to use gaming and entertaining type online education resources. So, with this great guidance, we have elaborated in detail about the most demanding portal namely CPS. Hope you have learned something great with fun from our post. Thus, the CPS is beneficial for normal computer geeks as well as for gamers who want pro skills in their gaming. Hope you like what we have shared here about Click Speed Test.