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How to Get the Productive Day Trophy in Stray


Stray’s protagonist, an orange cat with no name, is the game’s main character, and he or she can assist players in achieving the Productive Day Trophy with the least amount of effort required. The month of July saw the release of a number of brand new games for PlayStation 4 and 5, including Stray. It provides players with an immersive, 3D puzzle platforming experience, during which they search for a stray cat’s family while navigating a metropolis that has a Cyberpunk-like aesthetic. The gameplay of Stray has piqued people’s interest because, rather of racing across the city and murdering adversaries, players are required to either avoid them or, in some situations, come into contact with them. The steps necessary to obtain the Productive Day Trophy in Stray are as follows:

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How to Get the Productive Day Trophy in Stray

In Stray, there are a total of 25 Trophies. A good many of them demand players to do an action a certain number of times; for instance, gamers who meow one hundred times will obtain a Trophy. Playing through the story will, of course, also grant access to the other trophies. On the other hand, the Productive Day Trophy is a bit more difficult to come by.

How to Get the Productive Day Trophy in Stray

In Stray, players can get the Productive Day Trophy by allowing the cat to sleep for one real-world hour in order to qualify for the achievement. There is no benefit to letting the cat sleep, and it can’t happen just anyplace in the game, but players will receive the Productive Day Trophy if they let their furry buddy to snooze for an hour in specified places in the game.