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How to Add a Friend on Twitch


Jerk has a companions highlight so you can speak with your companions or individuals you meet in visit through direct message. This is an extraordinary element if you have any desire to talk secretly with a companion while watching a stream or regardless of whether you need to interface with somebody you met in visit to play a game. In this article we will cover how to utilize the companions highlight, We should bounce in and begin.

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How to Add a Friend on Twitch

There are two methods for including a companion Jerk. I have framed the two of them underneath.

1 – Add A Friend From Search

If you have any desire to add a companion and know their Jerk username, this is the most straightforward method for adding them.

1. Go to and explore to the base left hand corner

2. Here you will see a little bar which expresses “Search To Add Companions”

3. Type your companions username in the bar.

How to Add a Friend on Twitch

4. At the point when you see your companions account in the rundown float over their name and snap the little add companion symbol.

5. You have now sent a companion solicitation to that individual and they should acknowledge your solicitation. When they acknowledge you will become companions on Jerk

2 – Add A Friend From Chat

On Jerk you likewise can add somebody straightforwardly from a Jerk talk. In the event that you are in your number one decorations visit and have begun conversing with somebody in there consistently you can add them as a companion. To do this follow the means beneath:

1. At the point when you are in talk click on the people username that you need to add as a companion. You will see the screen underneath.

How to Add a Friend on Twitch

2. Click on the add companion button. This will send a solicitation to the individual so they can acknowledge it. Whenever they have acknowledged you will become companions on Jerk.


Did Twitch get rid of friends?

Jerk is eliminating the Companions include from its livestreaming experience. Refering to an absence of purpose as the explanation for the expulsion, however the two watchers and decorations the same have been left partitioned by the declaration. Jerk, in spite of weighty resistance, actually rules in the streaming game for now.

How do I make friends streamers?

The four most effective ways to make companions on Jerk are: through Jerk visit, through web-based entertainment, by messing around with others and finally through Dissension. In spite of the fact that there are alternate ways that you can make companions on Jerk, these will generally be the four most normal and best ways that individuals make companions on Jerk.

What is my Twitch Channel Link?

From the Jerk landing page, click on you button in the upper-right corner. In the menu, click on Channel to get to your channel’s page. To get your Jerk channel’s URL from Jerk, just select and duplicate the program’s URL. Your Jerk channel’s URL is the URL in the program subsequent to tapping on the Channel button.

How old is your Twitch account?

Step by step instructions to Check the Age of a Jerk Record. Go to Type in the channel you need to see the creation date for in the pursuit bar in the upper right corner of the site. The date the channel was made will be recorded in the top center of the page.