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How to Use Oil Maker In Stardew Valley


In Stardew Valley, players have the capability of accomplishing practically any objective they set for themselves in the game. The players have the opportunity to become proficient foresters or gatherers, in addition to learning how to sew, farm, and cook. On the other hand, players will need the ability to create cooking oil in order to prepare some foods that will make their mouths water. This is necessary in order to develop one’s cooking abilities to a high level.

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Oil Maker In Stardew Valley

In order for players to learn how to cook in Stardew Valley, they will first need two things: an oil maker and some ingredients. Players can then manufacture their own oil using the oil maker. Oil makers, along with Cheese Presses, Kegs, and Looms, are examples of Artisan Equipment; these machines are utilized in the production of artisan goods in the form of oils.

In order to learn the recipe for making an oil maker, the player needs to have their Farming Skill levelled up to 8. After that, in order to create the actual oil maker, players will need fifty slimes, twenty pieces of Stardew Valley hardwood, and one gold bar. After then, oil producers can be operated like any other piece of equipment with the exception that the oil’s components and some patience are required.

Making Oils

In Stardew Valley, players have the ability to produce two distinct types of oil by using an oil maker. There is the standard Cooking Oil, as well as the Truffle Oil.

  • The production of truffle oil, which requires a time commitment of six hours in an oil press and has a potential market weight of 1,065 grammes, costs 1,065 dollars.
  • Oil for Cooking at Its Most Fundamental Level Oils at their most fundamental level can be derived from a wide variety of components. It takes roughly 16 hours to make using corn as the base ingredient. It takes two days of playing time if you want to use sunflower seeds. When oil is extracted directly from sunflower seeds, the process takes only one hour, making it the quickest and most efficient method. Oils used in cooking can be purchased for $1.00 per 100 grammes. The easiest way to obtain sunflowers is to grow them yourself; the growth process takes around eight days, and once they are picked, there is a potential that they will shed additional sunflower seeds.

Cooking with Oils

There is a wide variety of food that has to be cooked using oil, and the majority of these recipes call for simple cooking oils. In order to craft them, players will require a wide array of components. A number of these recipes also have a number of wonderful benefits, including additional combat strength, improved health, and increased stamina. For instance, frying some Stardew Valley mushrooms along with some Morel and oil would result in the creation of Fried Mushrooms, which provide a twofold increase in attack power.

Other Things to Do With Oils

Players in Stardew Valley have the option to craft shirts using oils, despite the fact that basic oil is not necessary for any of the game’s tasks. When basic oil is put into the spool of a sewing machine, the resulting product is an oil-stained shirt. The player will require truffle oil to complete a task that was assigned to them by Mayor Lewis.