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How to anonymously watch anyone’s Instagram story without letting them know


Compared to other social handles of any person on the internet, the majority prefer to use Instagram for its safety and the strict privacy policy they provide. Possibly, you may find reasons to spy on someone without them knowing. The Internet made that possible, there are tons of tools that let you view Instagram stories and posts anonymously without going through the process of signing up or needing an Instagram account, you can do all this online on any device, Desktop, Android, IOS, and Windows.

Why couldn’t users watch IG stories anonymously?

Users can watch Instagram anonymously by turning on airplane mode. Unfortunately, You can not perform this on any device, mostly it works on IOS. Also, you can not download the stories and highlights using this method. Unfortunately to use this method you will need an Instagram account as well you can not view Instagram stories without an account using the airplane method. But there are few tools that are completely safe and reliable to protect your privacy concerns and can be used to spy and to view Instagram anonymously.

Method 1: Use tools for PC, Android, and IOS on the internet

As we have talked about previously, the 2nd and safest method that you can use to view IGstory without an account and spy anonymously on anyone. You can google anonymous instagram story viewer and you will see hundreds of tools that let you view Instagram without them knowing. However, many of them are reported for scams and sometimes they ask you to link your Instagram which puts your account at risk of being hacked. That’s why we have made a list of the top 7 IG anonymous stories viewers. You can use these tools with 0 zero risk of being scammed.

What are Instagram stories viewers?

Ig story viewer lets you view and download Ig stories anonymously. Among all the other features of Instagram, the most used one is Instagram stories, you can not only upload your own pictures and videos on your story but you can also share anything you like that appears on your feed. However, you may have personal reasons for someone to not see that you have clicked their story. Back in 2010 when Instagram was officially launched it wasn’t really possible to do that but now? You can spy on anyone on Instagram with just a tap. There are several tools on the internet that can be used to see anyone’s Instagram story anonymously.


This is the best Instagram story viewer and it is also very simple and easy to use, whether you want to view insta-stories or to even download it, you can do it in a few simple steps. However, the profile you’re trying to spy on should be set to public, you can not use this tool for private profile insta stories.


  • Anonymously Browsing
  • Simple UI
  • No registration
  • No requirement for an Instagram account
  • Different lang versions
  • This tool lets you download IG videos,  Stories, IGTV, Photos, Highlights in – MP4, JPEG
  • Fast loading speed
  • 100% free

Here’s how you can anonymously browse an Instagram account via

  • Type in the username of the account you want to view stories of

  • Click on the account profile picture to view and download the stories

  • Once you have opened the story, you will see the download button on the bottom of the page

And just like that, you can download the videos and images from the Instagram stories viewer in just one click.


This is another great free tool for IGStories to download or view anonymously, and its simplicity makes it very convenient for users to download and view Stories ig. This tool can also be used to view Instagram reels anonymously.


Anonymously browsing

View Instagram highlights anonymous

  • Simple and basic UI
  • No sign-up or login
  • No requirement of Instagram account
  • Different lang versions
  • Download Stories, Videos, IGTV, Photos, and Highlights in – MP4, and JPEG with just a click
  • Fast loading speed
  • Free to use
  • IG reels viewer

You can follow these steps to spy on Instagram account via

  • Type in the username of the account you want to view   
  • Click on the profile picture of the account
  • Then click on the download button

And just like that, You can download all this data from Instagram story highlights viewer in just a click. you can grab anything from their StoriesIG and save it to your device.


Do you need a quick tool to spy on your friends without creating an account? Storiesdown will let you download high-quality images with just one tap, you won’t be wasting your time registering your account on this tool. Highlights or stories that you can simply download by just typing in the username on Instagram Storiesdown and you will have everything you need. It’s rated as one of the best Instagram viewers app that can be used for any spying purpose.


  • No need of an Instagram account
  • Anonymous
  • Download and share
  • Remove content
  • Blog
  • Free to use


An excellent tool for Instagram story viewers. This tool is perfect and convenient for any device you may have, you can use this on IOS, PC, and android. Insta stories ensures 100% anonymity for you to view anyone’s story on the platform. You can simply download and view stories from the insta story viewer by clicking on the profile picture of the account.


  • 100% anonymity
  • No account needed
  • Loading capability
  • Downloading for ant device (android, IOS, Windows, MAC)
  • Free to use


Next, we have another great tool for anonymously Instagram browsing on To view and save Instagram stories you are just one click away on StoriesIG. It’s one of the fastest and easy to use tools for IGStories.


  • You do not need to install anything
  • Simple and beautiful
  • Instagram highlights viewers support
  • Share the stories in different social networks
  • Download and save an amazing story
  • View the stories of a user anonymously
  • Ig anon viewer


Among the best Instagram web viewers, inflact has been in the Instagram market for years now. This tool has served its potential users for years as an ultimate tool for your Instagram marketing strategy, if you are about to open a store on Instagram or run a blog page, and you are seeking more engagements and attention on your page, Inflact Instagram is the best option available to consider. Inflact can boost your Instagram business page numbers miraculously. Moreover, Inflact’s best Instagram viewer lets you download profile pictures, posts, stories, and highlights of any Instagram account in high resolution. This tool is also used as an android Instagram viewer, meaning you can run this on any android device you may have.


  • Watch stories of the people who blocked you
  • You don’t need to create fake accounts
  • Inspect a story without installing third-party apps
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Autosave story with subscription tariffs
  • 3 Profiles – $7 per month
  • 10 Profiles – 19$ per month
  • 100 Profiles – 99$ a month (private Instagram can’t be added for tracking)
  • Multiple tools
  • View ig posts anonymously


Another best app for instagram viewers is available on the internet that lets you see the deleted data of Instagram, which means you can see the old profile pictures, comments, likes, and much more. If you are an insta stalker this tool is for you. It is one of the best anonymous Instagram story viewers and free to use IG stalker tool that is used by millions of users without any inconvenience.


  • Free
  • Anonymous
  • Functional
  • Opportunity to view deleted stories, posts, likes, subscribers