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How to Build a Loom in Terraria: The Ultimate Guide


Terraria is an open-ended sandbox game. It’s available on PlayStation 3, Play station 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Windows PC, Linux PC, Android and iOS. The game is about exploring the world you are in. There are always new things to discover. One of these discoveries is how to build a loom in Terraria!
People often wonder what the best way to progress through the game is; others may want to know what items they should be crafting or farming for. If you’re looking for more information on how to build a loom in Terraria, look no further! All your questions will be answered below! Silk is used to make plenty of various gadgets in Terraria. You could make furniture, clothing, weapons, even spawn hordes of enemies with silk. Silk is utilized in loads of recipes from banners, to beds, to molo tov cocktails. To make silk you’ll want to discover cobwebs and feature a loom equipped to go.

Required Materials

Seven Cobweb



Each silk would require seven portions of cobweb. You have to don’t have any problem amassing cobwebs even on twist of fate for the duration of a spelunking adventure.

To make silk with inside the first region would require the loom crafting station. You could make a loom at a sawmill with twelve wood.

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How to make Silk in Terraria

First you will need to track down some cobwebs.

Cobwebs will spawn everywhere underground from proper beneath the floor all of the manner right all the way down to the underworld. Cobwebs will ruin your fall temporarily, however will ruin away after a 2d of status inner of one. You can use any device or weapon to reap cobwebs. Once you’ve got got acquired a respectable deliver of cobwebs head returned for your crafting stations.

You will want a sawmill to craft a loom. Crafting a sawmill calls for ten wood, iron/lead bars, and a chain. Stand subsequent for your anvil to craft chains from iron/lead bars and stand subsequent for your workbench to make the sawmill.

Place your sawmill and stand subsequent to it to craft a loom. The loom will fee twelve wood.

Place your loom down and stand next to it to unlock the silk recipe.

Silk can be made with seven cobwebs each. It shouldn’t be that difficult finding cobwebs as they spawn plentifully, however, keep your cobweb supply high in case you want to furnish your builds. That’s it! That is all you need to craft silk in Terraria.

How tons silk do you want to make a mattress in Terraria?

To make a mattress you may want 5 silk. A mattress is made at a sawmill, with 5 silk, and fifteen wood. You want to face at a sawmill which will craft the mattress

This means you will need thirty five cobwebs in order to make a bed. This is relatively cheap for such an important piece of furniture.



Building a loom in Terraria is an essential part of the game. Loom crafting is not difficult, but it does require some time and patience to get the hang of it. With these tips, you can start building your loom in no time!