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How to Fix Nat Type Unavailable on Xbox One


It signifies that the console was unable to establish a Teredo IP address and determine what sort of NAT is present when the NAT type message is displayed as “Unavailable.” When we were in the room, it would occasionally fail to connect to Xbox Live. While it should state that my “NAT type is open” and “All services are available,” it instead displays the messages “NAT type is inaccessible” and “Service info is unavailable.” It indicates that there is a NAT issue.

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How to Fix Nat Type Unavailable on Xbox One?

Before we get into the specifics of the NAT unavailability issue and its resolution, we’ll provide you with some background information on Xbox, what NAT is, and why it is essential.


Because it is a game console brand manufactured and controlled by Microsoft, you can comprehend what it is saying. Connectivity options for this gaming system include a television (TV) or other display medium. Realistic images are provided by Xbox for video games. On Xbox, you may play a variety of different games. Only a few of the games can be played with the aid of a remote, and only a few of them have realistic visuals. You can leap, move, and enjoy an Xbox game when you use the remote.

NAT and Xbox

NAT represents Network Address Translation. With NAT, every device (Xbox) is given an IP address that I can utilize nearby. The Xbox has the accompanying NAT types:

  • Open: In open, you can chat with other people and join and host multiplayer games with people who have any NAT type on their Network.
  • Moderate: In moderation, you can chat and play multiplayer games with some people; however, you might not be able to hear or play with others, and you typically won’t be chosen as the host of a match.
  • Strict: In strict, you can only chat and play multiplayer games with people who have an Open NAT type. You can’t be chosen as the match host here in this mode.

In the case of an open NAT type, this signifies that your control centre has been properly associated with your network. Additionally, if your NAT Type is in Moderate or Strict mode, this often indicates that there is some form of restriction or barrier preventing your control centre from communicating properly. It means that the settings on your switch must be adjusted in order to allow genuine communication or, in certain cases, to be completely incompatible with your game control centre.

Knowing this, we may assume that if you’re having trouble connecting to the internet when playing games on your Xbox One or Series X, it might very likely be due to anything as simple as the NAT Type of your network framer.

It is possible that it is inaccessible due to a network issue; in this case, we may restart or reload the page and then play.

How to Check Your Nat Type on Xbox1

It’s quite simple to determine which NAT Type your Xbox is using to connect you to online gaming on the internet. In-game network menus for games such as Call of Duty and Fifa will almost never display this information, even if the data is available. We may alter the NAT settings by following the procedures outlined below:

  • To begin, press the Xbox button and select the System tab from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Then select Network from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, navigate to the Networking section.
  • Also, pay attention to what is written next to NAT Type.
  • Now, on your controller, press the Xbox button to bring up the small ‘Guide’ menu that appears.
  • You may get to the ‘Profile & System’ section by scrolling down (which is represented by your profile picture).
  • Make your way through the settings and then to the network settings.
  • Your NAT Type may be found under the heading ‘Current Network Status.’



Why does my Xbox keep saying NAT type unavailable?

If you see any of the following notifications on your Xbox console, it is possible that your network connection has been interrupted or dropped: NAT Type: This option is not accessible in the network settings. When you attempt to join a party chat session, you will receive the error code 0x89231806.

What does service info unavailable mean?

The message ‘Service information is unavailable’ would indicate that a web request to check on the status of the service has failed. Having both of these errors indicates that there is a problem with the network’s connection. To test your network connection when your console is in this condition, consider running the network connection test.