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How to Change the Time on an iPad


The time on an iPad is automatically configured to the right time when it is first set up by the user. Here is how you can change the time on your iPad in the event that you discover in the future that you need to make such a change.

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How to Change the Time on an iPad

If you want to change the time that is displayed on an iPad, you can do it by following the procedures that are listed below.

1. Start the application that manages the settings.

2. Select the General option from the menu.

How to Change the Time on an iPad

3. Select Date & Time.

How to Change the Time on an iPad

4. Choose the option that reads “Set Automatically” from the drop-down menu of the menu to turn off this feature. A new field will appear beneath the one that is already there.

How to Change the Time on an iPad

5. Pick the time that is shown in the new field that may be found directly beneath the option to Set Automatically. This will cause a calendar and time menu to open up for you, which will give you the option to enter the time  manually.

How to Change the Time on an iPad

The time on the iPad will reflect any adjustments that you make to it immediately, and when you are through, you may now close out of the Settings app. Any changes that you make to the time will take effect immediately.


How do I enable an always-on display clock on an iPad?

Get a third-party clock app, then go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock and set the option to Never if you want to use your iPad as a clock when it isn’t being used. This is a solution if you want to use your iPad as a clock when it isn’t being used. After that, launch the application, and all that will be displayed is the current time; the iPad won’t turn off unless you explicitly turn it off.

Does iPad clock automatically change?

Using your Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, or Apple iPod touch

Under Settings > General > Date & Time, activate the Set Automatically1 option. This will automatically set the date and time on your device based on the time zone that you are currently in.

What time do the clocks automatically change?

On Sunday, March 13, 2019, the annual time shift known as “spring forward” will take place, taking place one full week before the formal start of spring on March 20. Two in the morning marks the beginning of daylight saving time.

Set the date and time to update automatically.

Launch the Config menu, and after that, select General management. Select the date and the time. To reactivate the Automatic date and time setting, you need to tap the switch that’s located next to it. The time on your device will now be set correctly automatically.

Why do we change the clocks?

The primary purpose for which we observe Daylight Saving Time is to facilitate a more efficient utilisation of the available daylight. An hour of daylight is taken away from the beginning of the day and added to the end of the day between the months of March and October.