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How to Complete the Unlock Safe Task in Among Us


After a number of drawn-out months of anticipation, the Airship Map was at last released for Among Us. True to its word, the map offers a large number of new rooms packed with fresh objectives for crewmates to accomplish. The nine new places that are shown on the Among Us Airship Map each have their own unique set of duties, and some of these chores include things like sorting records and developing photos. The Unlock Safe job located in the Airship’s Cargo Bay is one of the game’s new activities, and it seems to be giving some players a difficult time. The objective of this mission is for players to locate a yellow Safe tucked away in a less travelled part of the Cargo Bay and open it with a conventional combination lock.

The Unlock Safe assignment, like many of the other tasks in Among Us, does not come with any instructions, which can make it difficult and irritating for players to complete when they are competing in a match and trying to protect themselves from being eliminated by an impostor or appearing suspicious. However, in contrast to a great number of other chores, the mechanics are not immediately clear. In order for players to access the Safe, they will need to follow the combination and rotate the dial not only to the appropriate number, but also in the appropriate direction. The following is a walkthrough of the Unlock the Safe job that can be found on the Airship Map in Among Us.

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How To Use The Combination Lock To Unlock The Safe In Among Us

In order for players to gain access to the Safe in Among Us, they will initially need to travel to the Cargo Bay. This new site can be found in the southeast part of the map, and the most convenient way to get there is through the restroom in the Lounge, which is also the location of the Clean Toilets mission.

Behind a semicircle of stacked containers in the lower right hand corner of the Cargo Bay is where the Safe can be found by the other members of the crew. Because of its vivid yellow colour, it is nearly impossible to notice. The screen for the minigame will appear once the crewmember engages the Safe in conversation. This consists of a thin strip of paper printed with a number and an arrow, a conventional dial for a combination lock, and the handle of the safe.

This mini-game needs the members of the crew to enter a three-digit code, but there is a catch: they must turn the dial in the direction that the arrow points. A bright blue arrow going in the direction of the right indicates that the crewmember needs to turn the dial in the direction of the right in order to reach the appropriate number. To get to the desired number, the crewmember will need to rotate the dial to the left, as indicated by the dark blue arrow pointing in that direction. The next number and arrow in the code will become visible to the players once they have successfully entered a number by rotating the dial in the appropriate direction. After this point, if players spin the dial incorrectly, the following number will be erased, and they will need to input it once more.

After the right input of all three numbers, the Safe handle will change from being grey to being black. Crewmates are not quite done. They need to make it appear as though they are trying to open the safe by turning the handle several times before the mission will be considered finished.

It is possible for crewmembers to become vulnerable as a result of this duty. Despite the fact that the Cargo Bay is one of the greatest new spaces in which to hide from an Impostor in Among Us, it is also a fantastic spot for the Impostor to look for crewmembers who are isolated. To prevent giving impostors an opportunity for a simple kill, it might be best to do this mission alongside a companion who is able to follow in your footsteps and keep watch.

Players should probably have some experience with this activity in Freeplay Mode before jumping into a genuine match. Because they have an unlimited amount of time and chances to practice some of the new game elements and improve their time in Freeplay, crewmates will be able to accomplish the job and keep going in order to escape being caught by the Impostors.