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How to Delete an Instagram Story on Mobile


Users are able to share what they are doing at that very moment using Instagram stories. A user’s tale will remain viewable for a whole day, and they will be able to modify it by uploading additional frames, enhancing them with music, text, artwork, and emoticons. After a story frame has been uploaded, the frame cannot be modified in any way. However, it is possible to erase it.

Be aware that if you delete a photo that is a part of a longer story, you won’t be able to insert a new frame in its previous location; instead, any new frames will be added to the end of the story. This is because deleting a photo that is a part of a longer story will remove it from the story entirely.

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How to Delete an Instagram Story on Mobile

1. Using the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android phone, publish the story that you want to share. Following publication, your profile photo will be surrounded by a circle after being uploaded.

2. To remove a frame from your tale, you must first view it by tapping on your profile photo, which will bring up your story. The next step is to use your finger to tap the screen in order to advance through the different scenes in the story until you reach the one that you want to remove.

3. In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, select the option labelled “More.”

How to Delete an Instagram Story on Mobile

4. You will see a menu appear. Select “Delete.”

How to Delete an Instagram Story on Mobile

5. Instagram will check to make sure you are certain you want to remove the frame from your story before allowing you to do so. Simply erasing something from your account is as simple as clicking the “Delete” button. If you delete a frame, only that particular frame will be removed from the story; all of the subsequent photographs will still be included.

6. If you want to erase your complete tale, you must first delete each individual frame in your story by following the steps outlined in number 5 above.


Why is my Instagram story not deleting after 24 hours?

Unless you add it as a highlight, the photos and videos that you share to your story will be removed from Feed, your profile, and Direct after a period of twenty-four hours. Bear in mind that in addition to sharing your story on Feed, you can also download any photographs or videos that you include in your tale. This being helpful to you?

What happens if I clear data on Instagram?

There is a widespread fear among users that deleting their data from the Instagram and Facebook apps may result in the deletion of their accounts. On the other hand, that is not the case. Clearing your data on these applications will be the only way for you to log out of your accounts on those apps. This is due to the fact that the data collected by these social media apps is not stored on your phone but rather in the cloud.

How do I edit a story on Instagram?

Simply select “Edit” from the menu that appears after you click the three dots located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen directly above your photo. Even after the photo has been published, you’ll have the ability to edit details about it, such as the description and the people you’ve tagged (if any).

Does deleting a story remove it from archive?

If you delete a photo or video from your story before it goes away, it won’t be stored to your archive like it would have been otherwise.

Why is Instagram showing old stories?

It forces the user to retell previously told tales each time a new one is added to the thread. As a result, the same stories will be published again and over again whenever a new version is released.