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How to Change Your iCloud Password on Your iPhone


Your iCloud accounts on your iPhone are where you store some of your most sensitive personal information. Access to your iCloud account without authorization has the potential to damage your identity and privacy. In order to protect your iPhone from being compromised, it is recommended that you update your iCloud password at least once a year.

Following are the steps will guide you through the process of changing your iCloud password on your iPhone. Here’s how you go about it.

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How to change your iCloud password on an IPhone

For those who recall the access key that is currently linked with their account and who wish to change their iCloud password, the first step is to click here, which will take you directly to the Apple website, where you may reset your password. Then, using your Apple ID and the password linked with it, fill in the fields Apple ID and Password presented on the screen, and then hit the arrow-shaped button situated on the right side of the screen. If two-step verification is enabled on your account, you must additionally specify the system via which you desire to validate your identity, and then enter the four-digit verification number you were sent via email or SMS.

Now that you have signed into your account, you may change your iCloud password by clicking on the ulla entry Modification, which is located in the section Safety, and then clicking on change Password.

Fill in the blanks in the box that will be displayed on the screen at this stage in the process. Using Current Password, enter the password that is presently in use for your iCloud account, and then fill in the fields new password and Confirm password with the password that you plan to use going forward. Keep in mind that the password you are about to input must have at least 8 characters, must be composed of both upper and lower case letters, and must contain at least one number as part of it. If you want to know what level of security your new password has, glance at the indication next to the item Safety to see how secure it really is. If the colour is green, your password is effective; if the colour is red, you should go back and examine what you wrote. Select Change Password from the drop-down menu to confirm and make the changes.

Assuming everything went according to plan and you were successful in your I intend to change the iCloud password by attempting to log in with the new access key to the Manage Your Apple ID section of Apple’s website, iCloud from the service’s website, or the settings of your devices, you should not have encountered any difficulties.

As an alternative to the technique I just described, you may change your iCloud password by logging into your account directly from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, as well as from your Mac.

  • To change iCloud password from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch access the home screen of your device, press on Settings do tap sul you don’t know (or on the item iCloud and then on email address referring to your account if you are using a version of iOS prior to 10.3). In the new screen that is shown to you at this point, tap on Password and security, Then change Password and proceed with changing the password. If two-step verification is active on your account, then type the security code you received and then fill in the fields that are proposed to you on the screen by typing your current password and the one you would like to be able to use. To finish, tap on Modification.
  • To change iCloud password on Mac press the icon of System preference annexed to Dock or al Launchpad then click iCloud in the window that has gone to open. Then press the button Account Details, if prompted, type the password currently in use referring to your iCloud account then click on the tab Safety. At this point he presses the button change Password and fill in the fields displayed on the screen by typing the password currently in use and the one you would like to be able to use. To finish click on Modification.



Is your Apple ID password the same as your iCloud password?

The password for your Apple ID is the same as the password for your iCloud account. The following two links should be of assistance to you. Take a look at this first — After changing your Apple ID email address or password, here’s what you should do: Apple Support. The password for your Apple ID is the same as the password for your iCloud account.

Does changing your Apple ID password change your iCloud password?

If the Apple ID for which you need to change the password is also your iCloud ID (because they share the same email address), changing the password for the ID will also change the password for your iCloud ID, and the new password will need to be used for all devices and computers that are connected to the iCloud account after the change.