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How to Enable Notifications for Facebook Live


Facebook Live are fantastic platforms for interacting with other social media users. However, you must enable live notifications on Facebook in order to be aware of when someone is broadcasting live. You may configure Facebook’s Live notification settings both globally and for particular pages. This post will show you how to enable notifications for Facebook Live if you’re tired of receiving them. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Enable Notifications for Facebook Live

Enable Facebook Live Notifications:

1. Click the dropdown arrow in the top-right after logging into Facebook.

2. Choose Settings.

3. On the left navigation, click Notifications.

4. Toggle each option On or Off as desired, then click Video.

How to Enable Notifications for Facebook Live

Enable Facebook Live Notifications for Specific Pages:

1. Visit the Facebook page for which you wish to receive notifications for Facebook Live.

2. Mouse over the “Next” button.

3. Click the edit button (pencil) next to Notifications.

4. You will get live video notifications from the page if Standard or Highlights under Posts is chosen. Alternatively, you can select Off never to get alerts from that website.

How to Enable Notifications for Facebook Live


Do my followers get notified when I go live on Facebook?

The following notification choices are available to viewers once they have liked or followed your Page or content: alerts for live videos: Get notified to everyone each time you go live. Highlights: Receive notifications exclusively for recommended live videos.

Why are my alerts not showing on stream?

My notifications were created, but they aren’t showing up in my stream. Why don’t they appear? The most frequent explanation is that you might not have copied over your browser source, which can be done in the lower right corner of each set of alerts. Once copied, include this URL as a new browser source to enable in your broadcasting program.

What is live notification on Facebook?

If a company plans ahead and schedules live videos, you will start getting reminders 20 minutes before the broadcast is scheduled to begin indicating they are going live. You’ll receive a notification as soon as they go online even if they don’t schedule it.

What happens when you join a Facebook Live?

Users can broadcast straight to the social network platform using Facebook Live, a function of the social media site. During the stream, viewers can respond, share, and remark. The video is also uploaded as a recording on the website or profile, allowing for subsequent viewing.

How many followers do you need on Facebook to go live?

You must have Facebook access or task access to content in order to go live as a Page. Facebook requires that you have 10,000 followers in order to stream Live audio from a profile. If this is your first time using a mobile device to stream Live, you might need to provide Facebook access to your camera and microphone.

What is push notification on Facebook?

When you’re not actively using Facebook, push notifications are sent to you, for instance on the lockscreen of your device. notifications that are sent while you are using Facebook in-app. These appear as numbers in the navigation of Facebook or on the Facebook app on your phone.