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How to Escape Prison in Bitlife


Escape Prison in Bitlife

Our BitLife How to Escape Prison in Bitlife highlights guides and recordings for each jail design you’ll be facing in the game! We have cheat sheet maps for the entirety of the jail designs in the game. In the event that you’re hoping to finish different strips, including Houdini and Jailbird, this post will assist you with finishing those effortlessly.

BitLife – Life Simulator is a portable game, which is getting more famous as time passes. The solitary motivation behind why individuals are changing to BitLife in 2021 is its little games. There are various small scale games in Escape Prison in Bitlife that will make you snared for quite a long time.

Bitlife has to bring to the table everything to this present reality in an electronic gadget under your fingertips. From turning into an acclaimed YouTuber to purchasing a farm for yourself, there isn’t anything you can’t do in the game. In the event that you chose to walk some unacceptable way and go wild out there carrying out violations, the game has detainment facilities as well.

There are ordinary security penitentiaries with least to medium security and most extreme security detainment facilities in Bitlife. You will be Join the Goth Clique in Bitlife by the wrongdoing you perpetrate. In any case, no one loves being stuck in both of these prisons in this way, normally, you will wanna break free. Be that as it may, Escape Prison in Bitlife are not a stroll in the recreation center. So to save you from some jail time, we have here accumulated all the prison maps in Bitlife and how to escape from Prison.

How to escape every Prison in Bitlife

Getting away from jail in Escape Prison in Bitlife is in reality sort of troublesome, particularly in case you’re simply beginning. The way to getting out is recorded in the game:

The main part about that will be that he will consistently attempt to walk on a level plane first! In this way, we should utilize that for our potential benefit by closing off the cop against dividers in the jail. Regardless of whether the cop is straightforwardly underneath you, and you move to one side or left, he will consistently move on a level plane first.

That implies if there’s a divider above him a short time later, he won’t contact you. In the event that you’re needing to finish these all alone, this viewpoint is the thing that you will be exploiting the most. Assuming you are battling with these, be that as it may, continue to peruse in light of the fact that we have a cheat sheet for every one of the guide designs and a video showing how-to finish them!

The key to escaping all Prisons in Bitlife

To begin, when you endeavor to break out of jail, you will get one of the accompanying formats. These riddles can at times be Escape Prison in Bitlife by them being flipped around on a level plane or in an upward direction. It will be a similar format, you’ll simply have to follow the means dependent on the one you’ve gotten. In the event that you come up short, you can generally push forward a year and attempt once more!

Map Legend

  • Star: Your beginning stage.
  • Bolt: Designates the heading you ought to go by then of the line.

BitLife Prison Escape Guide – You Should Know

The game highlights a few jail designs, and the vast majority of them are reflected of one another. It implies you make a few changes to arrive at the exit and win. In the event that you neglect to get away, the game moves you one-year ahead with a chance to attempt once more.


Various sorts of guides are there, and every one beginnings with “Star” and finishes at “Leave.” Each guide is matrix based and incorporates a few obstacles that you can without much of a stretch cross, however the cop Escape Prison in Bitlife. Exploiting the said thing may help you arrive at the leave point with no problem. The game brings two trouble levels, like Maximum Security and Normal Security. Deceiving the cop is really simple in Normal Security moderately to Maximum Security.

Note: The Guard will move twice for each move you make. The bearing where the gatekeeper moves will be toward you, and he will attempt to walk on a level plane first.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 3×4 – How to Escape

Escape Prison in Bitlife

Likely, it could be the most exact guide of the game. You need to carry the Guard around the bend to trap him utilizing the obstacle. Once done, you are allowed to get away. Guess what? Nearly all that desires to have a Prison Ribbon. For Unblur Course Hero on Chrome, they are prepared to perpetrate any wrongdoing. The game will rebuff you, and many increment the long periods of living in jail. Subsequently, you ought to be cautious at whatever point you come to get away from the jail in Escape Prison in Bitlife. The more you play the game, the more you learn. The game proposes you choose what you to become prior to beginning the game. Peruse our BitLife Guide to comprehend what to work following a legitimate method to accomplish your fantasy work or BitLife Ribbons. Regardless of whether you love to be a rockstar or specialist, the game has covered everything for you to dominate.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 – How to Escape

It is a network based guide where the two characters, like you and the Guard, move all the while. The Guard will begin pushing toward you subsequent to discovering your development is flat first. Presumably, it could be the most open level since you move from right to one side till the impasse and begin moving the forward way. Close to that, take your character back to the impasse and begin advancing toward your beginning position. A while later, arrive at the leave highlight escape.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 4×4 Second Map – How to Escape

Escape Prison in Bitlife

Each guide accompanies both the beginning and endpoint. The guide acquaints you with a cop and a detainee who expects to figure out how to get away. The Guard moves following a one of a kind example, and catching him in a safe spot may help you win. Consequently, you should move such that the Guard will not catch you. Keep yourself a stride ahead from the Escape Prison in Bitlife and arrive at the leave highlight win. In this guide, you should lead your character around the bend and push toward the leave direct bit by bit toward stunt the Guard and departure. Here’s a picture to tell you the best way to trap the Guard and run.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×4 – How to Escape

I discovered the guide pretty simple. You don’t have to trap the Discord Stuck on Checking for Updates as it will be limited all alone. What you ought to do is to begin moving to the correct side and switch your heading lower. A stage before the impasse, you make a stride in the left way and begin moving to the leave highlight win.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×5 – How to Escape

All guides aren’t not difficult to survive; thusly, we present to you a Escape Prison in Bitlife Walkthrough/Guide with appropriate rules on maps how to finish them. The jail is completely gotten and can’t be surpassed by anybody customary detainee. Thusly, you should work your route shrewdly to make your break.

On the guide, the Guard is standing forward the leave point so nobody can go through it. You should arrive at the Guard first to catch his eye and back to your beginning stage and afterward move again to the leave point. Controls are instinctive and bring just four-button controls to your screen. Finishing all difficult Prison Maps may assist you with acquiring BitLife Prison Ribbon.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×6– How to Escape

Escape Prison in Bitlife

There’s no gatekeeper except for one. He is directly behind you close to the leave point, yet you can’t manage the cop proficiently. In this manner, you should begin strolling to one side and afterward move a vertical way till the end. When you arrive at the end, go to the correct side and begin moving till the end. Turn and make a stride down, at that point left. Following the way you follow to arrive at the area where you are currently, you ought to back to your underlying position and arrive at the exit to win.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×7 – How to Escape

Ordinarily, the game acquires a similar guide reflect structure like 5×7 7×5. The best approach to get away from the jail will be something very similar, yet you need to remember how to manage it. At the point when you move evenly, the Guard moves twice, and the bearing will be toward you. The BitLife 5×7 Map shows you the Guard is as of now caught yet can’t be open at whatever point you make a stride on the right-side. To finish Escape Prison in Bitlife, you need to follow the red-lines from the beginning stage as far as possible.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 5×7 Second Map – How to Escape

As I advised you over, the game mirrors the guide to test how more astute you are, however the method of getting away is something very similar. Albeit the game has many Ribbons to compensate you with, most of players are looking for “How to Become President,” “How to Become an Actor,” and “How to Join Mafia.” Despite realizing turning into a detainee isn’t acceptable, players are searching for “Bitlife How to Escape Prison.”

Bitlife – Life Simulation is completely adjustable and gives you admittance to choose your sex, where you need to take birth, and your skin tone. Indeed, even you can likewise pick your moniker. Thereafter, you will conclude how to go through a time on earth, regardless of whether to be a crook or a decent soul. The game prizes you with numerous prizes and Escape Prison in Bitlife that characterize your character in the wake of biting the dust. We present to you a great Guide to tell. Escape All BitLife Prison Maps  break the security, stunt the Guard, and departure:

  • Move descending and go to one side.
  • Make a stride up and turn left-side indeed. A while later, you should move as follows: One Step up, one stage to one side, one Step descending, two stages on the left-side, one Step up, and move descending. A while later, you should follow the picture for the remainder of the means to get away from the jail.

BitLife Prison Map Layout 6×5 – How to Escape

Escape Prison in Bitlife

Both the detainee and the Guard are near one another like the initial two fingers yet can’t see in view of a hindrance between them. You can straightforwardly go to the leave point on the grounds that the Guard is remaining around there and will get you right away. Subsequently, you should drive the Guard to pursue up you away from the area you need to get away. Follow the means to run:

  • Move to one side till the end and begin moving lower, following the divider until the end.
  • Turn right and begin moving until
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