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How to Find Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges


On the Crucible tab of the Destinations screen, players can view the daily tasks associated with the Iron Banner as well as facts regarding the mission’s overall purpose. There are four different daily challenges to perform, but in order to progress with the new ‘Forging Iron’ quest for Season of the Haunted, you will only need to complete one of these challenges. Each one will grant you Pinnacle gear as well as a raise to your Iron Banner Rank, both of which will assist you in obtaining even more loot from Lord Saladin. Find out where to look for the daily Iron Banner challenges in Destiny 2 and how to finish them in Rift so that you may make Lord Saladin, or rather Valus Forge, pleased with your accomplishments. Here’s all you need to know.

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How to Find Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges

How to Find Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges

Select The Crucible from the Destinations page and hover your cursor over “Iron Banner” to see what your current daily challenge is. In order to get all the information about the challenges at the bottom of the page, click the “Information” button.

For the first four days of Iron Banner, you’ll receive a new daily challenge at the daily reset, which is Tuesday to Friday. Because they’re listed as ‘Weekly’ challenges and won’t expire until the end of the Iron Banner event, it’s possible to hold off on completing them until Friday, when the daily reset will be applied.

Progress from previous challenges is carried over into the current Iron Banner event, so you’ll need to accomplish a total of 18 Iron Banner matches:

  • Complete 3 Iron Banner vs. Solar or Void Subclass matchups are possible.
  • Complete When using the Solar or Void subclasses in 7 Iron Banner matches
  • Complete A Solar or Void Subclass is required for each of the 12 Iron Banner matchups.
  • Complete A Solar or Void Subclass can be used to match up with 18 Iron Banner opponents.

Forging Iron is a character-based quest, not an account-based one, therefore it’s vital to keep that in mind. Because of this, you will have to repeat challenges on all of your characters if you finish them on one of them. However, you will still earn Pinnacle prizes and more if you do. Even though the objectives are the same as in the previous Iron Banner event, we can only hope that they’ll be different in future ones.

Iron Banner daily challenge rewards

How to Find Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges

Your rewards will include a Pinnacle Iron Banner loot drop, which will help you hit this season’s power cap of 1570, and a 100% increase to your Iron Banner Rank gains after meeting the daily challenge requirements of the new Forging Iron introduction quest for Iron Banner. Completing all four daily tasks for each character during the Iron Banner event will significantly increase your rank increases. Check in with Saladin at the Tower to obtain rewards and Iron Banner Engrams when you level up – you can get the revived Wizened Rebuke Fusion Rifle and Hero’s Burden Submachine Gun.

How to Find Destiny 2 Iron Banner Daily Challenges

Utilizing up to five pieces of Iron Banner gear — that is, any Iron Banner weapon or piece of armour – and using any Iron Banner symbol will further enhance your Iron Banner Rank increases. Armor can be worn as a piece of clothing or as an accessory. It is not necessary to equip a full set of Iron Banner armour in order to receive the maximum rank boost if you wear a piece of armour with two Iron Banner ornaments on top of it.


Are iron banner bounties daily or weekly?

It’s not that difficult to understand. The Iron Banner Daily Challenge in Season of the Haunted refers to a weekly challenge, unlike the usual Daily Bounties. To earn additional rewards, you must complete all four Daily Challenges that arise within one week, which will appear on a different day each week.

Where do you get Iron Banner bounties?

Iron Banner rewards from Lord Saladin have been cancelled for this year’s event. Instead, the Iron Banner node on the Director screen now displays daily challenges.

Is Iron Banner every month?

The Iron Banner is a special Crucible event that takes place once a month for seven days and is only available for a limited time.

Players discovered that the process of completing this particular prize took far too long. For the remainder of the season, Bungie has determined that players will only be able to complete bounties for weapons and objectives before saying goodbye to the Iron Banner bounties.

What is the max level for Destiny 2?

The most recent instance in which “levels” played a role was during the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, which saw the level cap increased to 50. Since then, the level system has been eliminated, and players are now simply need to focus on increasing their Power. As of the release of Season of the Haunted, the maximum possible Power has been increased to 1560 (1570 with Pinnacle gear).