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How to Find Fire Rings in Fortnite


Fortnite’s Week 4 Challenges are now available, which means that Battle Pass owners all over the world are one step closer to obtaining their next fantastic skin, emote, or other item that can be used within the game. This week, players are tasked with finding fire rings, sometimes called blazing hoops. Completing this task is one of the requirements for progressing through the week. You are free to use any name you like when referring to them. The positioning of Fortnite’s fire rings will be broken down for your benefit in the following paragraphs of this post. So let’s get started:

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How to Find Fire Rings in Fortnite

As customary for these weekly challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale, the items will be dispersed around the map in the mode known as Royale Combat. The rings of fire are not hard to spot given that they take the form of ablaze enormous hoops.

How to Find Fire Rings in Fortnite

The difficulty of this particular task lies in the fact that players must use a shopping cart or ATK to jump through five fire rings; as a result, they will need to locate one of these rings somewhere on the landscape. Once players acquire a vehicle, their next step is to locate one of the rings of fire simply:

How to Find Fire Rings in Fortnite

  • South of Snobby Shores, a fire ring can be located.
  • To the south of Pleasant Part, three fire rings encircle the mountainous region.
  • One burning hoop may be found to the north of the Flush Factory.
  • To the west of Lazy Links, you’ll find yet another fiery hoop.
  • Another ring of fire can be found to the south of Lazy Links.
  • You’ll find another fire ring if you go south of Tomato Town.
  • Another ring of fire can be seen northeast of the Fatal Fields.
  • A fire ring can be found to the east of the Paradise Palms.
  • South of the Paradise Palms, there is a fire ring that you can use.

If players can rapidly find an ATK or shopping cart early on in the match and make their way to a ring of fire, then completing this challenge shouldn’t be too much of a hurdle for them. Players can win a few Battle Stars once they have completed this challenge, which will bring them one step closer to unlocking another skin.


Where are the rings in Fortnite chapter 3?

The Reality Falls Point of Interest (POI) can be found on the western side of the Fortnite map. This is the location where the Reality Tree can be found. Around this area, the air is filled with glowing blue rings that are quite easy to find; they are just floating around in the air.

Where are the 3 flaming hoops in Fortnite?

If you put in the effort, you could be able to finish this Fortnite challenge in just one match if you’re successful. It would not be difficult for you to drop at the frozen lake, travel to the mountain fort outside of Fatal Fields, and finally make your way all the way to the east to the pirate fort near Paradise Palms in order to take care of all three locations.

How do you get the floating ring in tears?

Using the ladders that are located directly in front of Paya and Tauro, you will be able to ascend directly to the floating Ring Ruins. When you have reached the top, ascend into the Ring Ruins, and then take a picture of the stone tablet with your camera. Ascend to the area outside of the Ring Ruins, take a picture there, and then descend to Tauro.

How do you turn on the ring in Fortnite?

Choose the gear-shaped icon that has three horizontal stripes on the left panel. Choose Settings. Proceed to the sound settings by navigating. To begin using the functionality, you must first enable the Visualize Sound Effects setting.

Where is the fire jar in Fortnite?

In the vicinity of the Frenzy Farm campground within the Orchard. In the eastern region of Rickety Rig, on the two smaller islands in that vicinity. Around the bend to the north-northeast of the Holly Hedges. At the lake’s southernmost point on the coast.