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How to Find Your Drafts on Twitter


Although some tweets are created in a matter of seconds, others, particularly those that are considered to be more funny, may take some time. You can start a tweet and save it for later, whether it’s an unfinished thought you had on the train or a book recommendation whose title you can’t remember. Unfortunately, the only way to save and retrieve draughts is to do it while you are away from your computer. The draughts folder is not visible on either the desktop or mobile versions of the Twitter website. You will only be given the option to cancel or delete a tweet if you exit a tweet while it is being sent live.

However, in the app, after you have begun typing a tweet, you can view a pop-up by tapping the “Cancel” button. You will then have the option to save it as a draught after doing this. To gain access to the draughts folder, tap and hold the icon that looks like a new tweet. When you are within the folder, you will have the option to either delete draughts or tap to open them so you can continue typing. The following is a guide on how to locate Drafts on Twitter.

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How to Find Your Drafts on Twitter

1. On the home screen, instead of simply touching the icon for the new tweet, you need to tap and hold it in order to enter the draughts folder. This will open a drop-down menu with three possibilities for icon representation. To do so, select the feather icon.

How to Find Your Drafts on Twitter

2. Doing so will open the folders containing the draughts, and any saved draughts will be displayed in the space that has been made available. You can carry on typing in the drafting window after you have tapped on any item to reopen it. When you are ready to submit your message, hit the “Tweet” button.

3. To manage your draughts, select the blue “Edit” option from the menu.

How to Find Your Drafts on Twitter


Where did my drafts go on twitter?

Tap the Tweet symbol to access any draughts you have saved. You will notice an icon that resembles a piece of paper at the very bottom of the new tweet window that has opened up for you to view. When you tap that symbol, the number of saved draughts will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.

Did Twitter delete my drafts?

If you deactivate your Twitter app you lose draughts? Who actually keeps their tweet draughts anyway? Yup. They are kept locally on the device in question.

Where are drafts on Twitter IPAD?

It’s the icon that looks like a blue square with a feather sticking out of it, and it’s located in the top-right corner of the screen. Select the “Drafts” icon from the menu. The image consists of three horizontal lines and a feather in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You can view a draught by tapping on it.

Why does my Twitter app keep logging me out?

Twitter will sometimes reset user accounts if it believes the accounts have been compromised. In the event that your account is reset, all of your logged-in sessions across all of your devices and browsers will be deleted, and Twitter will send you an email with further instructions. Twitter reset two hundred and fifty thousand accounts in February 2013, after an assault had compromised them.

What happens if I uninstall Twitter app?

Choose to use Twitter. Tap the icon to uninstall the programme at the very top. If the Twitter for Android app was already installed on your smartphone when you purchased it, it is conceivable that you will be unable to uninstall it entirely. Uninstalling something will remove the most recent update.