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How to Find your Zoom Recordings


In the event that you’ve recently recorded a Zoom meeting, it will be put away in one of two spots: On the Zoom cloud or on your PC. The thing that matters is that the cloud is held for the individuals who have a paid Zoom account, while those with a free record don’t approach that choice. Both free and paid Zoom clients can decide to locally save. This is the way to track down your Zoom accounts.

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How to Find your Zoom Recordings

via the Cloud

1. Open up your Zoom account and sign in.

2. Click the “Accounts” link located in the sidebar on the left.

How to Find your Zoom Recordings

3. Assuming that you have saved any recordings to the Cloud, those recordings will be recorded under the “Haze Accounts” tab. Assuming that you have saved any accounts locally, a record of that will be remembered under the “Nearby Accounts” tab.

How to Find your Zoom Recordings

On a computer

1. Navigate to the Finder or the Documents folder on your personal computer (if you have a Mac).

2. Do an internet search for “Zoom.”

How to Find your Zoom Recordings

3. You should notice a folder with the words “Zoom Meeting” included in the title along with other identifying information; click on the folder to view the recording you want to access.

4. Your recording will be listed there after it has been turned into an mp4 file for audio and video meetings, a VTT file for a transcript of the meeting, or a chat file for a record of the in-meeting talk that took place during the meeting.

After that, you would just double-click the file to launch it, and you might be required to select a playback tool, such as Quicktime, in order to view or listen to the content.


Participants in a Zoom meeting will always be notified when the meeting is being recorded by Zoom. This notice cannot be turned off under any circumstances. Participants who join the meeting by computer or mobile device will see a notification on the screen indicating that a recording has been made.

Zoom meetings are automatically recordable while a host is present. Other participants on a call need to be given permission to record a Zoom meeting before they can do so. This can be done by the host of the call by accessing the recording settings on a Zoom account window (opened via browser) and checking or selecting the option that allows participants to record locally or to the cloud. Once this is done, other members of the call will have permission to record the Zoom meeting.

If you are using the professional version of Zoom, and an automatic recording is taking place (to the cloud or a local drive), then each participant will see a small red indicator or label showing that the recording is taking place. In a number of jurisdictions, this is necessary to comply with privacy rules. You will not, however, be able to see anything if the host is using another kind of recording.